Saturday, June 07, 2014


Blue denim smock shirt, Topshop Boutique / Hologram sandals, Office / Yellow chunky sunglasses, Topshop / Hard Candy by Ned Doheny / Japanese tea cup, Trawden Pottery / Wood Wood silver purse / Orlando Gough Recipe Journal / Mini DIY collage kit by Anthony Zinonos/

It's a dreary Saturday and I've retreated to Soup Kitchen where I've eaten egg sandwiches and chatted to Nanon while we works in the open kitchen and read and window shopped. These lovely items are on my current wishlist, for myself and friend's upcoming birthdays. As with much of the week Ned Doheny's album Hard Candy has been on repeat- especially Swing Shift, which is all summer funky street-walkin swagger. There are a couple of new developments in my life- the rehearsals I've been attending for the last couple of months have now come to fruition and 'Summer.' is live and running at a warehouse in Salford. After a day of work it's wonderful to head over the River Irwell, eat with my new gang of friends and acquaintances and then head onto the stage to scare myself shitless and, with relief to quickly ease into it all each evening. Another development in the pipeline... after pondering over it for a long while I'm going to move into my own place, and live alone. More updates and meanderings on that soon, but for now I'm doing lots of housey window shopping, enjoying the freedom of buying just for myself and domestic items like pottery and cookbooks are taking on a new and holy sort of significance. "A Pottery Bowl of my Own," a wise woman once said (Virginia Woolf).


Emma Lavelle said...

I'm slightly jealous that you're going to be living on your own - wish I'd done it for a while before I got all coupled up; I like the idea of everything being just as you want it to be, without having to compromise!
Are you going to be staying in Withy? xx

Georgia. said...

I love the independence of living alone, although it can be daunting knowing you're suddenly in control of your own life!
I love the pictures, somehow remind me of holidays.

// xx

SamanthaZelig said...

i first read this post whilst staying with a friend who just moved into a flat by herself for the first time. i'm definately a little envious of her ability to furnish the place as she wants and cook whatever she outs without annoying anybody. needless to say i instantly reccomended your blog , i think amongst her group of friends all living in shared houses of pairing off, she'll find a little comfort in your blog! im jsut excited to see all the pictures of your house plants and nicely staked books and whatnot! kudos for finally braving the podcast world too! i look forward to more x