Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Weekend List: No. 21

Happy weekend! This Weekend List is a dispatch from Korčula in Croatia; it's the last day of our holiday- that funny day when the tendency to take open-mouthed naps in the scorching afternoon heat and reflect on 'real life back home' subsides to being ready to return and put plans into action, and drift less. There's the last-day-of-the-holiday guilt of throwing away half-eaten lettuces and knowing that you probably won't spend as much time reading paperbacks back at home, but that you will, for a fixed amount of time, feel more at peace with sleeping in your own bed and looking out of bus windows.


"Elvis opened his eyes, blinked, as if he wasn’t sure for a moment what I was doing there. He twitched a shoulder toward the phone. “Would you mind calling room service and ordering me a fried-egg sandwich?”" Men and the Menu

Jenny Holzer in Interview Magazine

“Vic gave us a job in the Arsenal laundry, so we could earn some cash and play football at the same time. We were scrubbers! Doing the first team men’s kit.” Excellent profile of England's women's football team.

Spotify playlist of the soundtrack to Eden which is so great and you must see if club culture, euphoria on dancefloors and feeling it all is your vibe.

"Eschewing social history in favour of misogyny and murder is far from uncommon in our public historical storytelling." Jack the Ripper, ‘interesting history’ and masculine violence.


"I was going through all these crazy thoughts and analyzing whether I was ether a) a crazy chick who needs to just calm down and reach for an effing tampon or b) a liberated boss madame who loved her own body, was running an effing marathon and was not in the mood for being oppressed that day." Going With the Flow: Blood and Sisterhood at the London Marathon

"Community papers can do this stuff: they can grill or gild local power, make space for voices outside it, and tell you where to find the chili-pepper festival or the soup kitchen or the voting booth." Death of a Young, Black Journalist

"I want to say that at various points in your marriage, may it last forever, you will look at this person and feel only rage. You will gaze at this man you once adored and think, “It sure would be nice to have this whole place to myself.” The Wedding Toast I'll Never Give


These Lists; a collection of reading lists from artists, writers and musicians. (Does the act of sharing a reading list oblige you to show off? Is a part of me 'showing off' by writing Weekend Lists? Probably only as much as we all constantly 'show off' in various ways.)

Charles Manson's Hollywood; a fascinating series of episodes about the notorious killer shoulder-rubbing with celebrities from the You Must Remember This podcast.

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