Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Your Daily Routine

Do you think those "Daily routine" lists, detailing the creative lives of writers, artists and philosophers are real? I got an anthology full of them for Christmas. I suppose it doesn't really matter whether they're real, because as readers we value a confidence in the reporting of consistent routine, it lets us feel we have the key to finding creative success in our own lives. Before sleeping, I always read three entries, which is just enough time before my eyes close. (I don't, but I wrote it with brief conviction. Actually, I scroll Instagram until I realise I have 7 hours my alarm goes off, and panic mildly.)

Carl Jung couldn't start his day without saying Good Morning to his pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. If I was a well-regarded Philosopher, this is the entry my Wife would copy into my diary after my death, just before handing it over to my biographer. 

Rise at 7am when the world just about still feels asleep. Draw curtains (marvel at pink sky or sniff at the rain.) Shower. 
Brush hair and dry it naturally while eating soft boiled eggs and buttery soldiers.
Make a big pot of Lapsang, write at desk until 11am.
No more nitpicking! Leave desk for walk through the park. 
Buy bread. Watch Collies try to round up their owners, children saying funny things to their Dads.
Light lunch followed by coffee. 
Back to the work, which is stop-start after lunch.
4pm, dirty Vodka Martini with three green olives bulging on a stick. Drink, graciously answer fan mail.
Put on pink metallic heels, dance to entire Saturday Night Fever soundtrack played LOUDLY.
Read the day's Internet to stay informed. 
Then, pick a quarter from the Choice Pie: see a film alone. Eat out with a friend. Bathe with a book. Stay in with a lover. 
If latter, eat slabs of cheese and drink cider while they cook an excellent meal and we talk about our days. Share the good bits, but keep the even better bits for ourselves.
Bed at 11pm. 

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