Friday, August 03, 2007

Winter Collections 2007/8
Top Picks: Part One

Alpine Chic
Celebrity example: duude, someone will wear it soon enough, (Julia Roberts is probably knitting them for the family as we speak.)

Make like Heidi this winter in cosy, oversize alpine knits.
Layers are key, and remember to vary fabrics. Wool, angora, cotton, plaid, cashmere-and don't be afraid to clash.

Old school wintery patterns are making a comeback this winter, with polar bears and penguins spotted on the catwalks at Stella McCartney and Chanel.

Polish off the look with a clumpy pair of skater style boots and double up on laces. Who said your shoes can't channel the layered look too?

Celebrity example:
Mischa Barton

Bold and primary colours have been popping all over the catwalk.
A peek at Pucci in particular certainly requires more eye protection that a pair of Raybans can guarantee.

Purple is a certain essential, and the good news is that it is an incredibly complimentary colour for many skin tones and hair colours.

Keep things simple. Pairing purple dresses in light fabrics like silk with opaques and chunky heels for an evening look is a great look, and an easy way for friends to spot you from across the room.

Celebrity example: Lindsay Lohan

Leather has had a re-vamp. We're not only constrained to familar biker jackets (though thats not to say they should be ignored..) because there is a new generation of cow out there..

At Marni and Chloe plastic leathers (think binbag chic!) made an appearance paired with stompy boots and slicked back hair, and fur coats.

Christopher Kane pulled it out of the hat again (unsurprisingly) with his pleated dresses, and for a gothy edge were worn with velvets, opaques (spotting a theme here?) and royal jewel tones.

And is anyone can turn harsh, masculine assosiations of leather, and recreate a soft, feminie feel, it's Miuccia!

Celebrity example: Mary Kate Olsen

So last winter's "goth/grunge" trend never really happened, but this year is any black lover's chance to stock up on some fantastic pieces from the shops.

Think Mary Kate for this trend, because she was clearly ahead of the game, and wearing head to toe black, has now become somewhat her trademark.

This trend is very versatile, so it can be taken in any direction. Add embellishment for a luxe, glam look, ribbed cottons and bagginess for a grunge touch, or short hems and sleek ponytails for a sexy, sophisticated feel.


EsTher Omaña said...

I love the new clothes from the fall winter 2007 -2008

all soo stylish and great!!

Lana said...

Love the leather dress from Christopher and black combined with studs (read it on AllureFashion) is great too!

Check my wishlist out on my blog!

Siru said...

oh, great post !

Unknown said...

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Kat said...

I love purple! Yesterday I bought a purple dress in French Connection and I'm in love! I saw a dress in Oasis that's really like that Lanvin one too. It was gorgeous.
Yeah! Black is the new Black!
Oh and btw, so know what you mean about your grey cardigan. I bought one in Zara a while ago and I have to be practiaclly surgically removed from it!
x x x

Gloria said...

not too crazy about the all leather, but love the other trends!

Aisha said...

I lvoe the marc jacobs knit oversized cardigan even if it looks like of my granny's haha (=

Love your site (=

I read your post about Mael Dalla Zuana... and i was like OHMYGOD he's just too cuuuuuuuuuute!


María said...

Love all the trends you picked except the leather.

And the political reason of wearing a Palestina is the arab-israelí conflict. Don't get me wrong, I am not an antisemitist. In my opinion, none of the two cultures are responsibles, but the ONU. Imagine for a moment that the original inhabitants of the house you live in, come back again, and start living there. How would you react?

Ellie Lee said...

i love love fall's trend!! yumm! cant wait to actually start shopping for some key fall pieces now!
( its kinda hard for me considering that it's summer all year round:p)

great post!
fabber blog(:

Style Spot said...

Haha I can clearly picture Julia Roberts knitting away :D

Such great pics! <3

I adore Stella McCartney's oversized looks so cosy and chic at the same time.

And purple is one of my absolute favourite colours! You are so right about that nearly everyone can wear that colour!

Yep, that's the same bracelet as Nicole Richie has. I like Kenneth Lane's too..but so expensive *sigh*

My new blog will be up and running very soon..I think it will be great fun creating it ;)


Bella said...

Ahhh...The Alpine chic is so cute! I honestly really want a sweater with a polar bear on it....and purple, and all berry shades I feel are going to be big....good thing they're basically flattering on EVERYONE....yay :)

Anonymous said...
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Ella Gregory said...

i love the black look, and your so right mary kate was so ahead of us all on that one
i love the background patterns its a nice touch
lindsay looks great in leather i really want a leather jacket for autum.
and the purple examples you've used are so stunning

Anonymous said...

one of my fav. of the fall trends is the leather, I'd like a nice leather dress.

alluretone said...

i love how the shirtdress was paired under the sweaterdress at stella mccartney. love all the trends and runways photos, gosh i want ALL of burberry prorsum!

can't wait for more winter collection posts, it's one of my fav.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Great post! Love all those trends you wrote about!!can't wait for fall...

Ellie Lee said...

thanks for d comment(:
yupp, i'm frm Singapore.. which is in the tropics;

yupp, tt's why i'm so darned proud=p

gna link u!!

Andrea Martínez said...

Here is already winter so these clothes are just what i would wear any day... If I only could have the money hahaha

Siru said...

offtopic, the pictures from coco rochas "real life " were from her website's gallery

it really is nice to see her in her own skin.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

oooh. i am so glad purple is back. i have enough purple to wear for.... let's say a few days in a row.

Hildur said...

Wow such a great post! I just love all those trends, but my favorite is the purple. I'm not a big fan of colour but the purple is just so strong and beautiful.

I was wondering if we could exchange links, I've already linked you on my blog if that's allright. Your blog is definitly one of my daily-visits :)

Clare said...

Yummmmm, Alpine Chic is fabulous!

Diana Coronado said...

Yeahh !! Purple is back again !!
That sounds really good.

Mash said...

I love purple (I must buy purple tights) , love black and love leather . What a cool coincidence ! cant wait to be in winter hehe ;)

-S said...

for my winter wardrobe, i am craving the enitre burberry F/W 2007 collection. chances of receiving said collection? slim to none, but completely worth the time to wish for it.

Teresa said...

God I'd love me some sexxaaay sophisticated black clothes now.

Héloïse J. said...

great post! i'm jealous:P i'm longing for the next parts!

Emily said...

i love it all especially the black and excluding the purple as my skl uniform is purple and so i am purpled out at the mo

Bojana said...

Great post!
Definitely feeling the purple

Always In Style said...

I like all of the trends you highlighted, esp. the "Alpine Chic" I can't wait to pick up a few outdoorsy pieces for Fall.