Friday, August 31, 2007

DIVORCE: When the kids clothes get involved.

There are plenty of celebrity feuds out there to keep us entertained. Mummy Lohan VS Daddy Lohan, Lauren VS Heidi, Mel B VS Eddie and Britney VS.. well, everyone. Reality TV stars, desperate IT girls and failed pop stars all know that the ultimate way to beef up your column inches is by embarking on a very public slanging match.

Evan Wood's tedious quotes “At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life.” being constantly rubbed in her face can't be easy.

I used to be an Evan Wood fan, and she seemed (seems) a promising actress, but it really is enough when the bitch steps up her style game and steals your look. Step away from the red lipstick, biatch, and let the battle commence!

Introducing... Dita Von Teese VS Rachel "Jailbait" Evan Wood...

Rachel is not only favouring an all black and ladylike look, she's also donning the red lippie and curling her hair. Anyone? Did she do this in her pre Marilyn days? That's a no, then.

LBD Wars and Scarlett Sirens

Rachel mimicks Dita, while Ms Von Teese updates her look, in a daring Dolce and Gabbana creation (left). Prom school sweetheart Rachel and Sex Siren Dita. (Right)

[mind the gap...blogger isn't happy..]

Is there really much competition? Dita VS Rachel.
Dita's the real deal!
Rachel all the way.. free polls


Marissa O said...

i'm from the west coat, and i moved to the east coast for school, and it is much hotter than i thought! my room mate has two fans as well, so we have a total of four, and we have yet to turn them off.
well, i m very much loving "boys" and the one she does with timbaland "Come Around"

also, love the post, seriously, since evan wood began dating manson she turned into dita's mini-me. but i am VERY excited to see "across the universe" in which she is a lead character.

Mrs Fashion said...

That little slag needs to step away from the heated rollers. My real problem is with Manson - he must be uber perverted to get his next girl to clone herself as his previous one (what a well-crafted sentance that was - but you know what I mean.) Anyway, Dita is well out of that relationship (and is a really really sweet girl)

Andrea Martínez said...

It's like every girl in Manson's life has to be a pin up glamourous one...Anyway, I love Dita because she is really an old Hollywood star inspiration

Unknown said...

You read my mind. I'm all for dita...her style has always been (or atleast it seems) very personal. So glamorous!!

Alexa said...

i cant possibly choose between the two as i don't particularly like either of them, but they both have redeeming qualities that are quite similar. what to do, what to do? good think it doesn't really matter haha :]

Aisha said...

Dita's style is amazing =), she always looks so classy. On the otherhand, Rachel is great at dressing too.

I read the interview and i tought it was kind of gross. Come on, blood, romantic?. No way.

Thanks for linking me =). I love your Blog and I've linked you too ;)


Clare said...

Hehe, Happy Birthday dear!

I'm definitely on the side of Dita. She's stunning and dresses fantastically. I don't really have anything against Rachel, but I think she should create her own look rather than steal Dita's!

I must say, I do quite like Manson. He's so fascinating!

Héloïse J. said...

yuuuuuupie! happy birthday D.C:) wishing you all the best now that you're growing up!

p.s prefer Dita, but not killing for her!

Kat said...

Team Dita!! I am shocked that Rachel is stealing Dita's look. It's so cheap, well then again that's Rachel. By robbing Dita's signature red lips, curls, sophisticated 40's look, Rachel is just proving herself to be the little girl, she is, who obviously has a thing for stealing a successful woman's stuff - ahem her husband and now her wardrobe.

Happy Birthday DC!!!! Congrats!
x x x

María said...

It's so evident that it hurts. Rachel is too young for that look.

Lana said...

I'll go for Ditaaa!!

hannah said...

dita is amazing! i only dream of being so classy and chic.

Ângela Brito said...

I like Dita very much, but i am indeferent to Rachel. Her style din't iinspire me knows some day eheheheh...

Anonymous said...

dita is just amazing. i covet her style soo so much.

Anonymous said...

there is no competition. dita is a woman, and rachel is a girl, and by playing dress up, she ends up looking totally like a kid, undermining her purpose to look mature. why do people rush these things? she can try this look again when she's mid 30s-40s.

Anonymous said...

So true!! I don't even remember seeing her much before she started dating marilyn manson, but she does dress alot like dita now.
Great blog by the way!
Would you like to trade links??

Diana Coronado said...

Dita's so damn hot.
She got the style definively !!