Saturday, April 26, 2008

such a perfect day

today has been gloriously sunny; perhaps england's way of winning me over again post-ny.
it kind of worked.
but my day was one of those lovely occasions when i felt i managed to achieve lots.

a lie in.
some work done.
alternating between the stone roses and the kills on my ipod.
lunch with a friend.
home, via the florist to pick up some peonies for myself.
spooning on the wicker sofa in my garden with the cat.
a photo and dress up sesh for the blog.
and then i went to watch the kills. solo.
the first time i've done that; i figured i love going to the cinema alone and i felt strong enough after the lovely day to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit. glad i did. you should try it.

so that's my day.
what about you lot?

and those pictures will be up in a bit, so you'll be able to peek at my stateside purchases, yess?


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Stateside purchases sound very exciting. Today was wonderful for me as well, scenic drives and antique and vintage curiosity shops...

riz said...

procrastination as usual!!

Anonymous said...

wow amazing day! i wish i could say mine was as good...after all sleeping in, a little self-indulgence of peonies, friend-filled lunches, and the kills sound fantastic! coincidentally, i was actually listening to them myself today- but the events were less exciting- sleeping in (thank god), blogging, running around grabbing movies & coffee (in the SNOW! ugg), addressing grad party invites-blegh, some SATC reruns, & finally settling down to green tea & "the painted veil"- absolutely gorgeous, i should be posting on it soon. i'm quite excited to see the nyc photos!

Alya said...

I still cant make it to the cinema alone.. :(

Ella Gregory said...

Hello You!
You are so brave going all these places alone, I do very little alone! Did you have a good time?
And you are very lucky to have a cat that likes a cuddle, both of mine hate any kind of attention!
x x x x x

emsie said...

Sounds like an amazing day.
Lucky girl, going to see the kills.
i bet they were amazing.

A. said...

oh my! sounds like utter perfection. exactly how i love to spend my days. & i quite like going to movies along too. perhaps one of these days ill go to a show alone too. i think when you arent with a crowd of people you absorb more in or something...hmmm...just my observation.

my day? ahh boring. & not the good kind. did a little cleaning here & there. worked on my goldfrapp ensemble for tuesday (have i mentioned that?) & started packing & putting outfits together...etc etc

*im just going to drop you an email*


Kelly said...

oh my gosh, I'll being going to see the Kills this Friday in Philadelphia by myself! glad you had a good experience, I'm hoping for the same! :)

kirsty lee said...

how nice was saturday!?

i actually managed to get sunburn. in england.

just tagged you by the way.

Anna Pope said...

Your day sounds perfect! Even though I usually go everywhere with someone, there are some days when a bookshop or a movie are best done alone so I get where you're coming from :)

Also, big yay for The Kills :) said...

Much as I love Alison Mosshart, I can't get with The Kills' music. But I'm with you on the solo gigging front. I actually prefer going to gigs on my own, because if it's a band I REALLY like, no-one's allowed to talk to me anyway!

A. said... this day. one of my favourite DC posts.