Friday, May 30, 2008

erin wants a story.

put your hands up if you love erin wasson .
or rather put your hands up if you don't.
it's easier that way.

after seeing editorial after editorial with Erin Wasson I couldn't help but wonder* if she is loved as a model or as a general "kick-ass-skateboarding-shortshort-wearing-alexander-wang-loving-bulldog-hugging-i want-her-to-be-my friend" (breaath) girl crush.

It seems somehow misleading and underfair to dear Wasson that this "revival" (after all, we have seen her in a whole new way, and brushed aside the plastic maybelline images we synonymously assosiated her with) has involved featuring her in a load as magazines as, well, herself.

Rather than giving her a bit of model credit and allowing herself to dress up as a slick sexbomb or an ethreal woodland nymph she's had crinkled white shirts, fedora hats, and stringy vest tops thrown at her. All apparantly regular wardrobe favourites of the "Real Erin". And b ackgrounds have been pretty formulaic; beachy, sunny settings with an urban edge? check. a few boys spotted around to emphasise her tomboy status? uh huh.

And I'm not trying to preach that I don't love these eds; I certainly know we all love them; it's like they give us an insight into her not so stereotypical jetsetter lifestyle, causing sighs of "ooh, she's just like me". it just seems that shes being hard done by (i half mock; in model terms that is.)

now, discuss amongst yourselves.

*as much as I love her, that's the only Carrie Bradshaw ode you'll be getting from me anytime soon!

pics: danmartensen, tFs, hannah couture


WendyB said...

I'm just interested in those shiny pants!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! CowboyPants appreciates the lurking.
I also suffer from a major girl crush on Erin. She is just so cool.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i want her hair!

Anonymous said...

erin wasson is my favorite model right now and it seems as though she's emerged out of nowhere as a new cult favorite. it's no surprise, but it's still interesting to note!

Unknown said...


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A. said...

i like her. i really, really do. these eds are wonderful but theres just one thing that only slightly annoys me about her appearance - those roots!

sigh. just get them done, please...

(is it just me? yeah, it probably is :/)

Unknown said...

thank you very much!!! that dress was of my grandmother... just imagine how many histories does it have!!
I lover your blog, it's really interesting... I am adding you as one of my favourites right now, this blog really worths it!

Ella Gregory said...

My hand is up high!!!!
she is one of my faves
and do you want a fun fact about her that involves JT??? (it could only ever come from me ha ha- and I know you do!) she recently broke her foot filming the ads for his label William Rast
I don't know why she agreed to do it, the clothes make me feel ill!

Anonymous said...

i think she's beautiful but a bit overrated... her style is fab though

Miss at la Playa said...

I really like her style, she's so boho! But I'm not very sure about her personality... she doesn't look very nice

hannah said...

gotta love her! i agree that in most of her eds she isnt playing any character but herself, because herself is wonderful!

edith said...

i love her as much as the next blazer and cutoff wearing gal, but i agree with you as a model maybe it's time for editors to start styling her differently...she is supposed to be a bit of a canvas after all...even kate moss who is touted for her personal taste gets styled all kinds of different crazy ways and still comes through...i think erin could totally rise to that challenge if given the chance..

emsie said...

I love the effortless, laid-back vibe she gives. Those editorials are beautiful. Would like to see some more different shoots from her though.

Reena Rai said...

Totally agree with the two previous posts (Emsie & Catherine). Erin's stunning and has the cool laid back look down to a T, but it would be good to see some different shots though. Something different, outside of her laid-back comfort zone

S said...

I can't get enough of her. She is summed up for me; my constant style insperation.


Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

Why is she always so fresh looking?
she looks like she always lived on Spring/Summer!

i'm sure she spends her Christmas surfing, doesn't she??

Iñaki said...

YEAHHHHH, i love Erin!


CAT KHAN said...

i find erin mesmerizing and her style is very original. i adore her said...

I love her. And I love your montages.


for me, erin wasson is nothing short of an amazing style icon!! xx