Saturday, May 10, 2008

a little bird told me II

more quote scavenging for your pleasure. what have the darlings of fashion been chattering on about of late?
giles deacon on a common misconception: "That I'm a millionaire. That always makes me laugh when I read it in magazines. I don't know where they get it from because in fact I'm a billionaire."

smug, much? roisin murphy's beauty tip: "Be in love. I sound like Joan Collins, but you become quite beautiful when you're in love."

pierre hardy on his own designs "it's the biggest compliment when i see girls in my shoes. I don't go up to them- I just stare at the shoes until they talk to me."

pamela anderson asks herself the same thing, lara stone "I find it strange that people are so obsessed with my boobs. they're just breasts."

"when i'm shopping i don't even look at the price, i'm ashamed of myself, i just sign the credit card." haven't heard of the recession, then donatella versace?

catherine mcneil on french vogue and carine roitfeld "the best place i've shot was in brazil, when i did the cover for French Vogue... shooting with carine roitfeld was fantastic, and you know she always looks a-may-zing too!"

quotes from thefashionspot, i-D magazine, and independant online. pics roisinmurphy.blogspot and nytimes


capturedlife said...

i LOVE° lara stone

Anonymous said...

Amusing post!

Your post about Roisin Murphy appeared in my Google Reader, but you obviously deleted it? Well, just wanted to drop how I share your love for her. She is so utterly amazing.

Miss at la Playa said...

I wish I could no the donnatella thing... don't look at the price and extend my visa! :D

discotheque confusion said...

the_kitten: do you mean the post about her music video?

because you obviously caught me while i was writing it last night! it'll be up in a few days, i was just "testing it out" haha.

Ella Gregory said...

I love Giles! He makes me smile. I just wish he'd give up on the line at New Look.

María said...

To Lara:

We're entirely obsessed with you, not only your boobs.

SICK. said...

i second what allure said.

& giles is funny.


ps - unfortunately the fur vest from h&m is only due out in the fall, in the children's department ! oooh, i can't wait.

Michelle said...

If only falling in love make me look as good as Roisin (or Joan Collins, haha) then I'd do it all the time!

Meghan and Lana said...

If only falling in love was as easy as that...

p.s. this post is "a-may-zing!"

rg. said...

The Giles quote made me smile. Also-Ive added you to my blog roll. Keep up the good work; I really enjoy your page!

lee jones said...

haha that pierre hardy quote is great. i could just imagine how the shoe wearer feels watching some man they don't know stare at their shoes till "they talk to him". weirdoooo

Héloïse J. said...

breasts in a non breast world dear lara. it's been quite a long time since a bombshell appeared in so many grandes editorials.

Unknown said...

giles deacon is my new favorite man. i would give that much cheek is i was a billionaire too.

pierre hardy's quote amuses me to no end. now if i could afford his shoes I would buy them just to see how he reacts.

expect nothing less from donatella.

carine <3

thank you for commenting on my blog, by the way. it made my day.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, you should know I've visited yours pretty regularly, it's one of my must-reads!

Stefanie said...

YOU, my dear, are rad in every sense.

Thanks so much for your lovely compliments on my humble blog. I have loved your blog (and silently lurked it) for a while and now the love is mutual!

I also think Jason Bateman is a beautiful man. There is nothing to be ashamed of

Anonymous said...

that giles deacon quote is amazing! HAHA! love it!

A. said...

a post about roisin's new video??!! movie star??!!

ooooh, i cannot wait for this one (!) drag queens as mothers. hmm this should be great.

& i agree 100% with her quote. the second i landed back home this last time from nyc my mum & all my mates said that i looked different. prettier than i ever have & then my mum said "you look like you're in love, abby"

& i know that the feeling i experienced on april 29th was as close to being in love than i have ever felt.


Meghan and Lana said...

Haha I'm a billionare as well, people ALWAYS forget. So annoying.