Sunday, August 17, 2008

little doe, i love

remember the feathered headband that erin wasson wore to the chanel party a few months back?

turns out it was by little doe, a headband designer who is causing me to look at her designs in the same way that i look at expensive shiny shoes.

..and that generally has me wiggling my hand down the back of the sofa in case any large quantitie of money finds its way into my palms.

the lookbook is a mass of pretty polaroids (it's a pretty failsafe formula these days, don't you think), with a vision of blonde running around the woods in summer sun, floaty dresses, furs and an assortment of gorgeous headwear.

the $250-$400 is the only downside. but out of reach price ranges is what makes afternoon daydreams more pleasurable, isn't it?



dw said...

alas, we are in sync again! course with your little doe post you managed to present the photos in a much more lovely way than i could (me: er, copy link, er, paste link...i can never figure out how to copy from flash player...)

needless to say, i too enjoy little doe indeed. (but the price, eep!)

Chantelle said...

haha..what a coinka dink. I spoke about headbands from in my last post too! Don't you just love how they're coming back!? Fantastic!! <3

Ella Gregory said...

I want me one too! When I was a child I had a tipi which I used to play in, and this headband would have gone perfectly.

And I haven't got the email. When did you send it?

x x x x x

p.s good luck tomorrow!

emsie said...

i do love polaroids. the headbands are very pretty, but far too pricey for me.

Anonymous said...

I love Little Doe!! I first remember seeing it on Erin in that WWD pic from the Opening Ceremony party in LA - she was wearing the floral headband with those awesome plaid shorts and tank. I think the girl in the pic with Erin is Chase, the designer of Little Doe!! I am obsessed!

Anonymous said...

i remember these fondly! if only they weren't so expensive...

Richel said...

I love these feather head dresses. They're fabulously ostentatious, and expensive.

A. said...

now i want every single one.

thanks. hehe.

& could the photos be any more lovely?