Sunday, August 31, 2008

what's going on?..

yes, this is still discotheque confusion.
sit tight while the blog undergoes a makeover.

i know, i'm nervous too..
but as a nod to the blog's second birthday, i felt a change was needed.
something a little more clean and fresh, oui?


Ella Gregory said...

Wow when you said makeover I thought 'how to look good naked' not '10 years younger' this is very different!
But I like it a lot!

this wheel's on fire said...

haha where am i?

ediot said...

what a gorgous header!

emsie said...

i confess that i thought i had clicked the wrong link! however i do love the makeover - definitely very fresh.

i love the editorials below. natasha poly looks beautiful in that dress.

A. said...

ohmygoodness - i love it!

very fresh & very clean.

& no, i havent...yet. but oh i am so excited (!)

get my emails, did you? hows your internet holding up?

love xxxx

Nature Graffiti said...

i'm loving the new makeover!!
the main photo is gorgeous :)

Richel said...


Irene (capuccinobar) said...

I thought I had clicked on the wrong link, I was like... what? hahaha. But yeah it's new and fresh... I like it.

PD: Were are the "eye candies"?

whole in. said...

ohh i like!

Cherryred said...

Beautiful new layout.
To be honest I thought the old one was great too. Wish I knew enough about webstuff to do it myself! Ha i'll just admire yours!

Teresa said...

Omg I love your new header so much that I totallly googled Annabel Mehran and now...I am a fan.

Meghan and Lana said...

We likey.


i love the new look! =)

btw, would you like to exchange links? =)

SICK. said...

love the makeover :]