Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the fashion quiz winners


i'm having one of those weeks where i'm teetering on and over the "out of control" boundary. in terms of not meeting my history essay deadline and having a mile-long to do list. as opposed to embroiling myself in a life of hard drugs and cory kennedy lookalikes.

so what i wanted to say was, i have not forgotten about the fasion quiz from the start of the month. thanks to everyone who entered (fun, non?); here are the answers and the three winners (it was a tie and i'm feeling generous) who will be receiving a care package each, yayyy!

sunniva, deex and sick's jessica give yourselves a pat on the back!

one. the missing model was the aussie cutie abbey lee.

two. the hipsters were 1. harley newton viera. 2. coco sumner. 3. alice dellal.

three. jonathan saunders is the latest designer to launch a target collection (you lucky yankees!)

four. the glorious collection could have only come from the even more glorious richard tisci for givenchy.

five. the runway looks were from the louis vuitton collection.

six. and as for the editors and their publications..

carine ♥ vogue paris
leith ♥ lula
lorraine ♥ elle uk
anna ♥ vogue us


Lisa said...

Good luck with everything you have to do!

Siru said...

Abbey is the best.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

omg Stevie!

You don't understand I've never won anything, ever!! I feel a little Halle-Berry-oscar-speech because i've been reading discotheque forever and it's just another reminder how cool blogs are for closing the gap, i'd never have known the person behind it was so sweet and thoughtful! Anyway, I'll shut up now. You're still awesome though!

(my email is)

this wheel's on fire said...

that picture is gorgeous!

Julia said...

I must say that I hate the Designer for Target collections because they are usually ugly/boring/poorly made but after checking this collection out at the Target Bodega Pop Up Shops during fashion week, I was really impressed. New Yorkers have been rocking the Saunders Target look, which kind of surprises me in all honesty.

ediot said...

beautiful pic.
and congrats to the winnerS

Diana Coronado said...

Glammy pic !!

Style Spot said...

Seriously, am I one of the winners?! I have nearly never won anything in my entire life, so I have to say that I am quite shocked! Haha. Thank you so very much, dear Stevie!

Anonymous said...

Is that Julia Stegner? I love that model. What happened to her?
Regards form Spain

SICK. said...

no way
sick :]
i am actually so stoked !!!!