Monday, September 15, 2008

vanessa traina in purple magazine and more topshop


i thought "what's your favourite thing about being a woman?" was an interesting question. what would your answer be? and if you're a guy; what are your thoughts on a woman's best qualities?


ps, the topshop unique ss09 pictures are up; I've heard lots of praise as this collection being the best yet, and I agree; it's gone back to more youthful roots, but still has that directional inspiring edge.

no joke, i'm actually starting to think about my spring wardrobe, or at least how I can incorporate these elements into my winter look. the collection will hit the store in february, so it's a toss up between DIY or saving up..

i'm hoping to get updating and replying to comments asap.


Anonymous said...

hmm the smoking comment kinda turns me off, but the interesting thing about being a woman is a fascinating question!

Anonymous said...

hmm the smoking comment kinda turns me off, but the interesting thing about being a woman is a fascinating question!

VanessaFromMilan said...

yes of course you can incorporate these elements into your winter look...!

ps:I added you blog of mine.

Amy Green. said...

Link swap? Your blog is cool.

liz. said...

at first, i wasn't sure about the topshop unique collection, but i think it's grown on me. i do agree though that's it's gone back to it's roots.
Ah it's so crazy down here (in Australia) it's our spring, and i'm looking at these collections for spring in a year! I guess i could try and incorporate some pieces from the runway and be 1 year ahead of everyone else... *insert evil laugh*

this wheel's on fire said...

loves it

Wendy said...

I didn't know she was born in San Francisco, cool.

Audrey Leighton said...

i like what vanessa traina says about women and the best part is the clothes. amazing that she lives in paris as well.

i do know what you mean, the topshop unique show inspired me...and I am kind of craving! sooo envious you got to go, how did you manage that?


whole in. said...

hmm one day i hope they open a topshop
in sydney so i dont have to use pounds
for postage.
its so annoying seeing next years spring
collection when spring this yr just

Siru said...

I'm not fan of Topshop Unique's shows, in the online store the clothes just look better. i have no idea why, usually I'm the otherway around.

juliet xxx

Lana said...

Nothing but love and praise from my side, I love this collection and I think this one is going on top of my ss09 list!!

Mimi said...

There were a few great items but all in all the collection didn't impress me that much.

El Notable said...

great interview with Vanessa.
I haven't loved those unique looks..
btw, if you want to take a look I have been posting some pics from Marid's fashion shows.

Ms A said...

The collection is so fab. I love it.

Fashion Tidbits said...

the shoes!!!! delectable

aindrea said...

i don't know whether the image with the different looks of the topshop unique collection is yours or not..
but i just came to say that i'm using it for one of my thefashionspot articles..
hope thats ok!
aindrea xo

mmr said...

I'm not quite sure yet how I feel about this topshop collection. But perhaps that's just an excuse so I won't have to admit to myself that I actually dislike something topshop came up with :p

I think that the one thing I like most about being a woman, is being able to be completely hysterical at times without immediately coming across as a total idiot. At least that's what I hope.

Anonymous said...

I was very content with the show, interested too by what went on outside:

Topshop are clearly not pushing ahead with the ethical side of things, disappoints me...

Bojana said...

My favorite thing about being a girl : makeup!! I love love makeup, it's so fun. Blush, glitter, lipstick, mascara, more glitter, YAY

And heels! And skirts!!

Love love

A. said...

could i love nessa anymore?