Tuesday, November 18, 2008

jen and chloe, you are my (plural) homegirl

if ever there was confirmation needed, this is it.

i love these guys because:
1 they don't light up a cigarette just because they're having a photo taken.

2 and they pull ugly faces not pretty ugly faces.

3 they ask "stars" (stamos and cardellini) to pose for a photo with them like fangirls.

4 and because it's jen, (lesley) and chloe.

thankk you deex, you lovely thing, for the heads up. get better soon!
pics cafeconlesley


SICK. said...

i looove jen brill.
she is so awesome !!

happy tuesday night;

Lucy said...

yeah man, ugly-face-pulling girls unite!

Shen-Shen said...

Aww, cute!

And ahhhhh stamos<3333333

jeanie annan-lewin said...

One day i'm gonna be bessie mates with them i swear

Ella Gregory said...

Chloe is so cool. She looks like she'd be so fun to hang out with.

And Kate looks SOOO young in that picture in the post below.

Ellie Lee said...

i love these guys because:

1) They don't light up a cigarette just because they're having a photo taken.

Aw, someone I love this the best! Sometimes, we see so many famous people pulling out a fag as and when; we FEEL that we have to do the same to "look" fab.

But your friends have reinstated and proven otherwise!

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

The Jen Brill's style is getting all my attention lately

Michelle said...

Haha cute pix! Jen Lesley and Chloe are possibly the coolest trio ever!

Dick said...

lesley arfin is possibly the most intimidating/cool person in the entire universe

Unknown said...

I loove that Im not the only one obsessed with chloe!! hahaha....I get all excited when you post pics of her up =)
your blog is still me daily read, my fave!!