Monday, November 24, 2008

making good bad style good style

circa 1995

let's all watch clueless, sing boombastic by shaggy and work out how to channel cher, dionne and tai's outfits.

you know that phrase, "so bad it's good?"

and because i'm feeling a dungarees moment coming on.

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guys, guys, it's happened. i'm now old enough to get nostaligic and actually have the knowledge to reference by gone eras! haa, i can chat retro shit and not have some 30 year old raise their eyebrows at me. oh.. isn't it kind of wrong that the 90s is now being referenced?


Hannah Swanwick Illustration said...
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Hannah Swanwick Illustration said...

I used to love this! And it is kind of wrong.

jeanie annan-lewin said...

My fave timeframe i had my hair in braids and everyone said i looked like dione (probably wrong spelling) i spent my days chatting on a mobile that was the size of a small toddler and loving plaid skirt suits polo necks and canvas platform shoes good times good times and i had a small back pack

Anonymous said...

There's also "Return of the Mack" and "Here comes the Hotstepper." Dang this brings me back.

Would you be interested in link exchanging?

Ella Gregory said...

omg boombastic is like one of my favourites. Everyone thinks I'm so odd for liking Shaggy but he is insanely cool!
Also Clueless? Best girly movie ever!

Chelsea Rae said...

I wanted to be Dionne so bad. Those were the days!

SICK. said...

CLUELESS ♥ "it's like a really important designer !"

tongue rings should come back.
i'm only fifteen, but i know they're still oldschool.
mainly, for me, i remember the early 2000s, so: long skinny scarves, conductor caps, capri pants, bright & fitted cardigans, coloured pearls ...
so basically UGLY.


IKS said...

well i cant see any of pictures... so my comment can be just plain but from the hear.. hello

Dominique said...

I can't see the pictures!