Tuesday, December 16, 2008

advent season: day sixteen, knight cat's christmas wishlist


some argue that a blog filled with hoards of copy and pasted images with few words is yawnsville, but the knight cat has the formula of inspiration posts perfected and is the undisputed queen of the field. she mixes the best pictures of MK from so long ago we thought we'd dreamt them up with cutesy illustrations. she introduces us to the newest internet muses and what makes me love the knight cat the most? the multiple daily posts makes it a perfectly aesthetically pleasing procrastination tool.

her outfit posts are the best, but here take a different form, as this cute fawn and bunny play dress up and dream about the items on knight cat's christmas wishlist..

alexander wang blazer- i bet everyone gets sick of hearing me saying i want this, ahah i want it as much as the bag, which i decided to leave out of the wish list in fear of being too redundant. ha!

miu miu clutch- i have wanted this forever,and if i had it i would wear it with a plain white tee (ideally, with the alexander wang one) and some cigarette jeans.

topshop leather pants- they look like the perfect fit

alexander wang tshirt- really basic, and it can easily be the foundation of every outfit.

fiorentini boots- they are perfect!

loselliani ring- i like a lot of jewelry

rick owens leather jacket- it is the epitome of the perfect leather jacket in my opinion..and it would look amazing with any plain old tshirt..i can see myself in it right now......man am i missing out!

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Yep- knight cat's blog is perfect! <3

MIUMIU CLUTCH- yep want it and would wear it the same way- with kick ass buckled boots! :)


Anonymous said...

i agree that knight cat's blog is pretty fantastic, but yours is rad too, the pictures are so inspiring.

Beba said...

that's so kind of you to answer! thank you!!! i know it ll be quite hard but i'll check the link you gave me :)

+the idea first and aesthetics of course of this post's pic is fantabulous :D amazing work!!!



Fashion Tidbits said...

I NEED THAT ALEXANDER WANG JACKET!!!!!!!!!!! more than the bag

A. said...


this is the CUTEST picture i have EVER seen. ever.

its very frapp & i simply adore it.

love xxxx

Emma said...

I so agree!!! Love Knightcat!
Ps the bunnies are tres cute!!


Charlotte said...

The Alexander Wang jacket is also in my wish list!

emsie said...

that image is beautiful; i love it.

Anna Pope said...

That Miu Miu clutch is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I think her blog is over rated she just trolls the fashion spot for pictures and then puts together outfits with white v necks and over sized blazers, we get it.

Nathalia said...

OH! I so want a miu miu clutch! I need one so much I'll even pary to santa. every day. and night.
I wouldn't mind having a tee from alexander wang either:)

young-shields said...

Ah, that blazer. Love.

y-s x

Siru said...

Have you seen the Alexander Wang pre-fall 09 collection? I was a bit dissapointed, Wang usually does better.

juliet xxx

CAT KHAN said...

ay :) i really love the picture, its so dreamy...and to the anon, yeah everything is pretty much overrated , totally agree

lauh-ren said...

wow, i love that picture. as well as knight cat's blog.

Anonymous said...

Knight cat is overrated she just copies what the threads on thefashionspot is doing and copying the latest must have like chloe boots alexander wang et al..