Saturday, December 13, 2008

advent season: day thirteen, remembering mj's annual bash

due to financial difficulties (be those as a result of the credit crunch or dodgy not-so-behind-the-scenes hefty bribery pay offs..) dear marc jacobs will not be throwing his annual christmas bash for the first time in 18 years.

it had originally been scheduled for wednesday just gone, and would have had a rock and roll circus theme. surely citizens band and a serving of karen elson would have been pretty perfect for this, but hey ho, let's celebrate and take a look back at the previous years rather than mourn for "loss" of this years.

2005 The Wild West
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2007 Arabian Nights
Fab Flash: Marc Jacobs' Arabian Nights Christmas Party Fab Flash: Marc Jacobs' Arabian Nights Christmas Party Fab Flash: Marc Jacobs' Arabian Nights Christmas Party

& the rest.. Jacobs Holiday Party

The Previous themes:

The Theme: White and Silver
Marc's costume:Polar Bear

The Theme: Red and Gold theme
Marc's costume: Heinz Ketchup Bottle


The Theme: Wild West
Marc's costume: Wilbur from Charlotte's Web


The Theme: Carnival in Venice
Marc's costume: Vetetian Pigeon


The Theme: Arabian Nights
Marc’s costume: A Camel Toe

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hannah-rose said...

i loved the carivale theme, that was one of my favourites... marc always has the best costume. do you think he spends the whole year before the party thinking it up, or he just stands in front of his closet 2 days before and snaps his fingers *ah i will be a camel toe this year* hahaha.

great post! nice to reminisce!

Anna Pope said...

Now this is why I love Marc :))

SOS! said...

he's so creative! gotta love him..

xx- LJ from SOS!

Anonymous said...

oh man, i absolutely love this.

Anonymous said...

Simply genius!

A. said...

oh no! thats right i had completely forgotten about this. how sad.

hopefully theyll be able to make up for it next year, no?