Wednesday, January 28, 2009

if i was in new york right now

I would jump at the chance of interning with supreme management for the upcoming fashion week!

if you are lucky enough to be in the big city, or anywhere near it, or hell, nowhere near, but just willing then you should drop them an email offering your services.

What they say:

Fashion week is upon us and Supreme Management is looking for a few good interns to help with books and portfolio management in the coming weeks. Applicants must be based in New York City and have at least three days a week available to work. Also, potential interns should have a general knowledge of working models, and a passion for this industry. If you’re interested in interning for Supreme, please send a copy of your resume to and we will contact you if we’re interested.

This is a great opportunity to get first-hand experience in the fashion industry, particularly during it’s busiest time of the year, Fashion Week! If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the modeling industry or to work for Supreme, this could be your chance.

This was posted on the Supreme blog on Thursday, so I'd be speedy!


Unknown said...

Hey Doll

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Anonymous said...

YES YES YES i would love to do that! Other than a magazine internship, it sounds like a dream (if a slightly chaotic one!)

zoƫ said...

no waaaay .
insane .
like i am at a loss for words .

if i were older and available and in the geographical proximity of this offer i would definitely just drop everything and do it .

the girls who end up with this gig are lucky as hell !!

( ps the beauty icons thing from russh you posted a little while back is so terrific . brigitte bardot's lashes are aaaamazing )

jessica said...

ouuuf, i wish ♥
supreme, actually, just sign me ?
please ?
ahahhaha what a joke that'd be .


Alice X said...

i've interned for an agency before, albeit one on a smaller scale but it is an amazing experience. i wish i lived in ny too!

Anonymous said...

if only australia was a short stroll from the events in NY....

wishing :)

jeanie annan-lewin said...

Fashion week in new york is pretty amazing you can just see all the models hanging out on my first week there i got lost a lot i asked sislee lopez for directions she was very very nice.

Siru said...

Could I? more than 10 000 km between don't matter, right?

juliet xxx