Tuesday, May 12, 2009

kickstarting cannes

With the MET costume gala just behind us, Cannes is another event of sartorial importance soon to be ticked off the list. Tomorrow sees the Film Festival kick off; cue an onset of premieres and floor length dresses faster than you can say "P. Diddy's yacht". To start things off, snippets of an interview with Margherita Missoni who shares her Cannes tips.

Name your Cannes essentials.
It's quite easy because you only have to pack gowns. I wish I had brought a trench coat because of the rain, but I didn't think that far ahead. The most important thing is flats because you have to be ready for boats. I brought one pair of Vuitton patent-leather flats in white with all these gorgeous beads on them and a pair of Prada sandals.

Where do you stay here? I am staying at the Majestic. I would rather stay at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes. It's much more quiet there.

Describe your personal style. Very irrational and distinctive. I start from a piece that I want to wear and then I build on that. I am never matchy -- ugh. It's hard to dissect my style but it is definitely bohemian.

Where do you perch to watch the scenery? Nowhere. I keep it tight, in the sense of timing, and go to events. I don't hang out here that much. I love the South of France, but it is too intense and crazy for me.

Do you have a life motto? Judge for yourself. The only person whose judgement counts is your own. I try to live by that.

pics; missoni-margherita.blogspot.com


The Zsa Zsa Zsu said...

everything about her i admire.

Tasha Franken said...

I love her style


ChristingC said...

love her attitude and style! so jealous of all the vintage missoni she owns!


Anonymous said...

i like her life motto

alice said...

man she is just so beautiful. her hair is PERFECTION, and she seems lovely too x

hannah-rose said...

i saw her when she was in sydney! so stunning in person, despite jet lag and many professional duties with her RAFW commitments.

I wish one day to go to Cannes, i think it would be the height of glamour! :)


Daria said...

I love her to bits

I found an old old article on this italian weekly cooking magazine on how her parents eat almost only vegetables that they grow in their own garden and her own special recipe for chocolate pudding

awh i must scan it

she is so down to earth and real, every 'famous' girl should act human.


love it!
timeless beauty
thankyou xxx


Cassiopeia said...

i do love her... thanks for posting this!


Alya said...

I admire someone who's down to earth, and is also not afraid to embrace luxury. Other celebrities are so nouveau riche, partying and dressing up all the time.

She keeps it real and enjoys herself at the same time.