Sunday, May 17, 2009

even in the rainy weather

pics; the fashion spot

tip of the day from chloe sevigny: button your shirt all the way to the top


Marnie said...

Wow, she looks really classic; I'm not used to seeing her look so 'clean cut.'
Lurve it x

emsie said...

she's in the style magazine today, quite a good read.

love this look on her!


Jane said...

I want her PS1

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Anonymous said...

love this outfit. The shirt is great and the trench too. Chloƫ is always perfect


WendyB said...

The shirt-buttoned-up look is not one that I can carry off. I would feel like one of those polygamist wives -- not the ones from Chloe's show, but the real ones.

joy said...

Chloe is the best dressed person, it is in her blood or something to look good 24-7. I also don't think I could pull off the fully buttoned shirt though.

Annie said...

she is just endlessly cool. it's absurd.

A. said...

& didnt i just call this tip one of my "predicted new trends"?

heh, roisin does it too - i love the look. so classy & sexy in its own way.