Saturday, June 06, 2009

the power of three: blogger files

These three bloggers inspire me to no end. I know, I know, it's easy to throw about words like "inspire" or "love" but I can safely say that inspiration is what keeps me pressing "older posts" each time I reach the end of their pages.

With the number of new fashion blogs clocking up each day, and the new rather ironic phenomenon of "blogging trends" (yes, a trend in the pictures and the trends that we post about), the individuality of these three writers is incredibly refreshing and welcomed. That is not to discredit the hundreds of fantastic fashion blogs out there, because hey, sharing a little mutual appreciation can be exciting. Nor is this to leave unacknowledged those who also drum to the beat of their down drums. However, that these bloggers qualify writing about something because it is one of their genuine interests (be that Edwardian dresses, Hal Ashby or darkrooms) rather than because it may be the latest vogue is a quality that makes their pages stand out in my eyes.


TWO REASONS TO HEART THE THINKING TANK: 1. Her interests read like the hobbies of a protagonist from any of my favourite films; existentialism, the darkroom, haiku poems. culture junkies always get my approval! 2. She is a great photographer with a wonderful eye and an appealing tendency towards all that is clean and minimal, albeit pretty.
SHE'LL INSPIRE YOU TO: Take on a summer project like cataloging old photos or creating a scrapbook.
ANYTHING ELSE? I defy you to dislike any combination that she put together for her summer outfits post. I'll take everything, please!


softsummercolors2-1.jpg picture by littlebananaphotos
NAME: Siri
TWO REASONS TO HEART RINGO, HAVE A BANANA: 1. Siri is shares her good knowledge rather than hoards it. So you'll know where to find the best wooden sandals or which new music to listen to. 2. A substantial amount of her brain use is dedicated to Chloe Sevigny.
SHE'LL INSPIRE YOU TO: Become an expert in 1970s film and then let this filter into your wardrobe.
WHERE DOES SHE GET HER CLOTHES? She's an etsy fan and has her own store, named after the cult classic film Harold and Maude (she's a Film student). Click here..

You can read my interview with Siri, here.

Stella McCartney dress
NAME: Madelene
TWO REASONS TO LOVE LE PORTILLON: 1. Madelene is a bloody good writer and the blog is full of original articles with interesting tips and "how-to"s. 2. Jane Birkin, Sofia Coppola and French references make her heart flutter, just like mine.
SHE'LL INSPIRE YOU TO: Rethink your approach to style and trends in a liberating way.
HER TOP TIP: "Find inspiration as far away from the fashion industry as possible. Somewhere out of touch with all things Emmanuelle Alt and Alexander Wang. whenever I spend time sans internet and magazines, I become immensely creative. Boredom does that to you."

All images taken by the stated bloggers.


Chantelle said...

this is a wonderful post, i just spent an hour going through these blogs. i love when ppl recommend new sites for me to check out, because like you said, there are too many fashion blogs out there to navigate!

lady stardust said...

i am sooo going to check these blogs out ,
i still love your posts though :D


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aw maaan, why you so good to me?? ;n D

I love Le Portillon too! And wow, thank you so much for alerting me to the existence of The Thinking Tank, she's totally amazing! As are you!!

A. said...

i love this post even though it makes me feel like a utter shite blogger. i seriously need to step it up a bit, dont i?

must check these out (again) i always love having new things to read.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the links, I'm a fan of le Portillon too. It's nice to find something a bit different, as many bloggers seem to share a similar aesthetic.

discotheque confusion said...

Well Siri, I'm glad you're glad! Seeing as every time I visit your blog your interesting links cause me to go off on a perfect wild goose chase across the internet in which I'll discover something new or be sure of what I'm going to wear tomorrow, I felt another feature was needed!

And yes, Pia's blog is amazingg, I've actually read every single post in the archives even though I only discovered it 2 months ago, it's that compulsive.

Abby, please don't feel a shitty blogger, I know many people would testify against such a statement! Or is anything use these blogs for ideas if you do.

KB, you've summed up this "blogging trend" in the most diplomatic and spot on way!

Meream said...

Love discovering new blogs, too! Will definitely check these out. Thanks thanks!

Anna Pope said...

Beautiful girls, thank you for sharing the links!

she'll bartend your party said...

these girls are great..! thank you for the introduction, im totally going to be sifting through their past entries this week. x

Michelle said...

Thank you for the tips, I read Siri's blog but the other two is new to me. Am adding them to my favourites as they are quality, and very different from the usual fashion blogs!

Miss Woody said...

the dress seems to be unbelievable! said...

Ah, so glad Le Portillon is back!

Anonymous said...

love that skirt..super cute