Monday, July 06, 2009


because we may be in corfu and you may be back home but we love you very much sillyhead. here's to some late nights with good chat at "the woods" when we get back.

ps, we'll bring you back a straw donkey and some shell toe rings. (ha!)


now here is some courtney love because i know you love her.
and a list of things to do:

1. check out the charity shop under that red brick arcade by asda. it's the best one in bedminster.
2. take a book and go to the new "don peppes" ice cream parlor which is next to bottelinos.
3. go to the train station, buy a ticket for somewhere completely random and spend the day there.

or if all else fails, sneak into my house, grab your copy of twilight and have a duvet day.


A. said...

aw this is the cutest ever!


Belle Epoque said...

Courtney Love can be really photogenic in some captures...

patti said...

have always loved that song man . so wonderful.

Isabel said...

Yep, I really do love Courtney Love.

Emma Lavelle said...

one of my favourite songs :) xx

axdxaxmx said...

oh i love love love love love Love!
did you see movie the people vs lary flynt with Love? lov Love*

ray said...

i love her so much

so so so much

those albums got me through school and definitely taught me to never say sorry unless i meant it



Julia said...

Courtney Love is such a hot mess.