Wednesday, July 29, 2009

inspiration on a wednesday

this week's 'inspiration on a wednesday post' is a lovely collage that my gorgeous abby made for me. i know, i know, it's kind of cheating, using somebody else's work. but it's the coolest collage packed indeed with many things that both inspire me and make me blush in that best way possible. and besides, abby isn't just somebody else.

so here you are. now away you go, and do some potting of plants, arrange perfectly drooping flowers into glasses or jars, brew yourself a cuppa and sit dangling your legs over the side of the counter like lesley arfin while you drink it. and when you're done with that, reorganise your shoes!



ryder said...

its a great collage

really well made actually

Meghan and Lana said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

I would look at this collage on a million blogs.


Anonymous said...

loving this collage
beautiful, have a wonderful day
thanks for the fun inspiration

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Teaology said...

aw, lovely. happy birthday!

emsie said...

happy birthday!

jessica said...


Anonymous said...
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Lily said...

Cool blog :D i'm seriously enjoying it.

Big kiss, Lily said...

happy birthday stevie!! lovely and inspiring as usual!

lydia said...

ah, that's amazing. i think i will reorganize my shoes!

MICHELLE said...

COOL BLOG! love it, its very original!
llove the pcitureeeeeees.
hey check out my blog, whenever you want, i just added new photos , love

A. said...

ooh, im so happy you love it so much & that its getting put to good use!

twas my pleasure, really. hope your birthday was spent doing all your favourite things with all your favourite people, sans me of course! ha!

love, xxx

bri. said...

very captivating.

thank you for inspiring me today.


Jules said...

Great! Those are so gorgeous photos. And thanks for sharing it to us. Have a good day. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Steph said...

A beautiful art piece, you have a really great friend! xx


bohobum said...
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Faith said...

I love the collage she made for you
Being 17 was alright but 18 is even better!

Valencia Lia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl !! Keep smiling and keep blogging :)

Lovely collage put up !

mai said...

those photos are gorgeous.
great inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

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young-shields said...

absolutely fabby!
hope you had a crackin day

claire x

Stéphanie said...

Happy birthday !
I love the collage !

Ilse said...

woahh the suits in the first pic!! o_o me wanna!

Meream said...

That balloons photo is gorgeous. Love the layout :)

Kat said...

lovely collage
and happy birthday, stevie!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love looking at collages! Well-done! xxooxxo

AMIT said...

Great pictures.

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