Monday, March 01, 2010

dans paris

I didn't delve any further into that trip I took to Paris at the end of January, did I? I think I'll show you the snaps then.

Upon my arrival Joanna had prepared a lovely pasta dinner.
Afterwards I unpacked my map of the United States and we finalised some destinations for our trip.

The flat, owned by Joanna's family was typically Parisian in that slightly outdated yet cosy and full of interesting trinkets and crockery kind of way.

Jim Morrisson's grave.

Our eveningly ritual.

View from the flat window. You can't see it here but the peak of Sacre Coeur was also visible.

The famous Galerie des Glaces at Versailles.

It was beautifully sunny when we arrived.

But it turned bleak as we explored the grounds and The Hameau de la Reine

we met some french guys at a bar in the latin quarter and they wrote naughty phrases in my guidebook.

view from the pompidou

Joanna at the vintage store 'Come on Eileen' which we found to be most overpriced and disappointing.

atop the arc de triomphe.

joanna having a sneaky cig out the window.


tess said...

this looks so fun! aww paris quite glam

A La Mode said...

You can totally haggle at come on eileen! Upstairs was v. over priced but down stairs I found some real bargains.

Anonymous said...

the photo's look lovely, i can't wait to go back to paris.


Make Do Style said...

Nice photos - love seeing anything from Paris x

Santa Clara divorce lawyer said...

I loved going to Versailles. And, I especially loved just standing in Marie Antoinette's room. Lucky you, french guys at a bar!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Paris the first april days! and see your photos makes me get more ansious! can i ask you something? what kind of clothes you recomend me to take? because it's spring,but i heard that it's still cold any way...I will estimate your recommendation,thanks!
Nice week(:

hippyhippychic said...

love paris, i find everytime i go there's always something new to discover.
you looked freezing atop the old arc de triomphe! if you ever go back you should go up it at night, so pretty.

Miss Woody said...

love that kind of pictures !

Poppy said...

I went to Paris for my 21st last May - I have never felt quite as at home as I did when I walked through that beautiful city.

Love the pictures. Sucks about the vintage shop!

Siru said...

Everything look so great!

juliet xxx

Erin said...

Gorgeous pieces! Just happened upon your blog and I love it - have been reading through all your posts and theyre so fashionable! Will definitly be back...

Love love love,



WendyB said...

I love visiting Pere Lachaise.

Oliver said...

i love the pics ..



Marnie said...

I love the fact that you used film instead of digital. Fantastic photos, makes me feel all nostalgic for some reason, which is strange considering I've never even been to Paris.

Faith said...

great photos
when you come to the U.S. you should definitely go to Washington, D.C.
there's a lot of great tourist-y stuff
but there are also great restaurants,music venues,and places to shop
though i recommend hitting surrounding suburbs for great thrift shops-which is easily reachable by the metro
let me know if you visit&if you want to know where to go or need a personal guide

young-shields said...

oh man i keep coming across people's pictures from paris again and again....i'm getting the paris blues...

IKS said...

Paris is always wonderful. I guess :) Looks like you have had a wonderful time

The Little Black List said...

GREAT photos...

Violet Dreams said...

This photos are gorgeous!

We love your blog!

xoxo, P.

Unknown said...

lucky you! I love all the pictures!

Erin said...

I do love Paris...I just happened upon your blog...I love it! Have been reading through all your posts and theyre all so fashionable...will definitly be back!

Love love love,



iliketweet said...

Oh my god, the view from the flat is amazing. Jealous much?! I love Paris so very much.



Fleurette said...

ahh, the photos are great. i miss paris soo much. i came home in january (and missed the sales, unfortunately) but i'm going back soon in may. can't wait.

All Women Stalker said...

Aww man, I wish I live anywhere near Europe.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Paris pictures..swoon!

Nata Amores said...

Paris looks so amazing.