Wednesday, April 21, 2010


These photographs crept into my consciousness via Ringo, have a banana! (I can always count on Siri to keep me updated with all things Chloe Sevigny when I'm otherwise engaged) and they reaffirm my belief that Sevigny holds the title of 'most successful haircut of the year.' Naturally it goes without saying she still holds the 'most badass person to grace the earth' position too.

photos by Tim Barber


iole said...

love them!!!


All Women Stalker said...

Is that her place? So cool and so HER. And those pumps!

thimbles and gingham said...

that length looks great on her.

Anonymous said...


Really love these..the last one especially..I almost aslways like her more natural pics than the street style shots that exist of her for some reason...these are all lovely.

chloet said...

chloe is so stylish
and naturally beautiful...
shes such unique

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

Chloe is bewitching i'd say..<3

DAKOTA said...

Then you should see this

from the style rookie

"I don't read, I just see the pretty pictures" Andy Warhol