Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just got back from a quick daytrip to London where I..

wore this outfit, freshly bought from Beyond Retro after overheating.
went to have a thoroughly entertaining snoop around the Jacques Pop-Up Townhouse with fellow bloggers.
and spent the last of my pennies on this fetching little 'Mexico' bag.

The Jacques event was so much fun, and as always catching up with fellow bloggers was a laugh. Ella from Coco's Tea Party, Susie Bubble, Bip Ling and my Bristol accomplices Charlie and Alexxsia turned up too. Jacques have taken over a beautiful Grade II listed building in Fitzroy Square and they'll be putting on lots of free events over the next month which I highly recommend you check out with a few girlfriends if you're in town and scrapped for cash. You can pop your name down on the guestlist here. Throw in some fortune tellers, delicious fruity cider served by witty bartenders, cupcakes (I asked Ella if she could ever see this fad dying and she truthfully couldn't) and benefit beauticians into the mix and you have some bloody successful afternoon organised by those clever, clever people at Exposure. Not quite repping it for the bloggers where digital technology is concerned, I bought my Olympus XA2 (still on loan from Josh) so photos are to come once they've been developed.


WendyB said...

Cute shorts!

Kate Sinclair said...

Love the shorts! Really cute! Great taste! x

Andrew said...

you should meet up with kylie of niceandshiny

Toni said...

really like the outfit.
im going to check out that place you went to too

Unknown said...

Love everything, especially your shorts.