Monday, July 26, 2010

the chunky black boot

Chunky black boots are a little vice of mine. Sadly I had to leave my favourite pair on my Brooklyn Couchsurfer host's shoe rack after Talking Shoe Syndrome took hold of them (when the shoe and sole come apart and flap or 'talk' as you walk). Eh, shit happens and in all honesty those were by no means the holy grail of Chunky Black Boots. As a result, my search continues despite having two pairs sitting in my wardrobe baffled by their apparent inadequacy. I trawl eBay multiple times a week and charity shops when I have time as they're abundant in 90s shoes that toe that pretty/ugly line. I haven't had a lot of luck this week but the good news for you is that if you also possess a love of all things leather, chunky and booted in the shoe department (and not in the naughty way) these are some of the pairs that weren't quite right for me.


Anonymous said...

I still don't have a chunky black boot to call mine! :(

Andrew said...

speaking of nice and shiny she would be all over this shit, you two would get along JUST fine... haah

kate said...

hello! would you mind sharing the name of the cute little cursive font you use in your collages? it's v. adorable! love the blog, by the way. xxx kate