Monday, September 13, 2010

early thoughts on spring/summer

Ah yes, the arrival of Fashion Week means that it's hard to refuse giving your own next season wardrobe a little bit of thought. For me Spring 2011 will be all about carefree dressing. But I mean real carefree dressing, as it's an important priority in spring and summer (and one that is very fresh in our minds with the warmest season just drawing to a close). Carefree dressing in that slightly Charlotte Gainsbourg way that says 'comfort and necessity will triumph.' I've noticed that with the current trends comes a lot of praise for austerity and minimalism, and I'm as head over heels with the Celine look as the next person but it strikes me that this doesn't always equate to honest comfort. In the Spring time button up shirts can't always be relied on when the temperatures rise. And a light skirt is less likely to be at the forefront of your mind all day than a strict pair of high waisted trousers. 

I'm hailing a return of bare arms in the name of style as much as armpit circulation. Arms sticking out from sleeveless tops that end just on the hip sitting along the border of a short skirt. Think of something silky like the pink mushroom number at Organic by John Patrick). Arms could be the new legs; it makes a lot of sense when you think about the lack of maintence arms require compared to gams. Necklines could play peek-a-boo with cotton quasi-sports bras in fleshy colours or greys. Knee length macs and jackets light enough to stow away in bags until a cool breeze permits their use will be order of the season as will a few pairs of shoes to alternate between and without too much thought; in a dream world leather espadrilles ala Edun and some trusty New Balance trainers to slip on as you run out of the door.

I'm also anticipating the return of some go-to dresses for Spring/Summer which have taken a back seat to the lovely short suits of the past couple of seasons; I'm ready for that trusty all in one solution to return without the qualms that can come with a short suit which unless you're straight up and down can involve obtrusive hips. Vena Cava showed a pleasing example in a red sand colour cinched to the waist with rope.

Quite naturally this yo-yoing between two seasons can play lots of tricks on the brain, so until Spring descends once more and car journeys bring us views of lambs not falling apples such considerations can be tucked away somewhere and left to mellow a while longer.


Unknown said...

I am looking forward to next S/S

MrJeffery said...

i liked organic's line. really pretty.

Devonately said...

I hadn't bothered to look at Vena Cava but after this I shall because it looks more interesting than I thought. Thanks!


Just Another Londoner said...

I actually can't bear to think about next summer when this one's only just finished.