Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ah, Saturday is here. A perfect day for sitting at the kitchen table, catching up with all the New York Fashion Week goings on from across the pond over a cup of tea and maybe indulging in a little online shopping too.


Romany said...

I. need. those. shoes. Blast my lack of money!
Sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy it. :)

ediot said...

hi darling. sweet picks. i want those too;)
i cant wait for the wang show todaY! have a wonderful weekend-


daisy said...

i was looking at this top on today! i love the french phrases, i was thinking of getting the 'bon apetit' one.
good picks.


emily said...

i love the ashish collection for topshop this time round, especially the bonjour sweater. lack of funds though!


Unknown said...

The sweater is so gorgeous.

Ania said...

that ring! I need. thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

love the striped top, i've order the 'Parlez vous Anglais' grey one, cant wait for it to arrive!
love the purchases,a fantastic weekend shop :) especially love the margaret howell wallet, i was lusting over these in her store last week, the leather is so yummy!

Lela London said...

I can't believe how cheap that ring is! I'm obsessed!