Sunday, October 31, 2010


Iconic 1970s brand Boy London has collaborated with Urban Outfitters to re-release the deliciously logo heavy designs loved by early London punks and later on Boy George and The Pet Shop Boys. I, along with a friend did an awful lot of searching for Boy London pieces on eBay over the summer so although I feel inclined to have mixed feelings about a cult brand so typical of it's time relaunching now, the hypocrisy (or arseholeness) of this very thought and the excitement at wearing my new top trumps anything else.

4 comments: said...

Ah this reminds me of buying a Boy top from the shop in the Kings Road and it shrunk in the wash. My mum came with me to take it back but they wouldn't give me a refund. I was so upset, ha ha!

Unknown said...

I love Urban Outfitters!!

Andrew said...

ooo child
I have been frantically searching ebay for MONTHS trying to find a boy london shirt. I was half thrilled and half disappointing to see them on the urban outfitters site. Too bad they don't even ship to Canada (or alteast the UK one doesn't (only one with the shirt))

Feel free to send me a care package including one of these gems. I'll love you foreverrrrrrrrrrr kiss kiss

Not sure how far this shop is from you, but may be work the trip to check this out!

Patrice J said...

I want this shirt!!