Friday, October 29, 2010

current wears

A couple of things that I've been wearing recently:
Old replica England top passed down from my Stepdad who is no longer a football shirt wearing kind of a guy. It was the uniform for players between 1980-83 and is a welcome addition to my wardrobe just in time for my vague current flirtation with sporty items of clothing.

Also a personalised 'Stevie' name alice band which I bought last winter after writing this post and being inspired by the girls behind Pas Comme Les Moutons. When I wear it I usually get a gooey 'aw, I used to have one of those!' reaction from other girls and I don't have the heart to admit that my name was always too unusual to find one when I was younger which clearly was the reason that years later I actually had one made. Yessir..


Away with the fairy's said...

Looks so effortlessly cool!

Unknown said...

It looks really cool.

she'll bartend your party said...

eeeeeeesh i love your style a lot. i never had a name headband! remember being so jealous of my friend who had about three different ones! its quite cool you are bringing them back!

rouli said...

cool post!