Wednesday, November 09, 2011


A five day break back home in Bristol was just what I needed. The mid-term University fatigue has kicked in, with a piling workload and seasonal colds synchronizing for minimal production. But catching up with my Mum, eating well, wrapping up for the huge bonfire on Bonfire Night (which ended up looking eerily like some sort of 'villagers come out to witness witch burning' ritual with the vast circular crowd surrounding the fire), going to Mark's Bread on Saturday morning for a french stick warm from the oven and enjoying the late afternoon pink light from my garden were some of the simple pleasures which have energized me now that I'm back in Manchester and balking at the combined work count of my essays with 'I'm His Girl' by Friends playing on a reassuring loop.


blue roses said...

nothing quite like a reinvigorating visit to a comfortable home to get the work energy flowing positively and productively. these photographs are beautiful, bonfires and warm french bread sound divine this time of year.

good luck with the papers!

Bela Monstro said...

You have so many inspiring pics in this blog! And i love it's title - good metaphor for these so-full-of-information days.

hannah-rose said...

I love periods of time like this. When the stress is so much you just stop worrying and unwind. I've been having a lot of lunches like that because it is SO hot in sydney at the moment and it's too hot to cook. So we've been having fresh bread and cheese and ham and it's been lovely.

hope you are well and good luck with your uni work!


SymbioticLife said...

Nothing beats that kind of disconnect and it's powers of rejuvenation. I have no idea how it truly helps it all seem manageable but it always does.

Anna said...

what a cracking song!! when i listen to it, in my head i'm walking into a bar that has red walls and there is a lot of smoke and i have my hair in a pony tail and lots of eyeliner on. dunno why. xxxxxxxxxxx