Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Wears

What I wore yesterday (A Christmas Day special):

Vintage shirt from Uncle Sam's, freshly unwrapped American Apparel High Waist Jeans  (I always used to tut at the price tag but I'm not going back, ever; nothing will make me return to that Topshop denim department which lacks anything truly high waisted and only ever leaves me weepy and uncomfortable and marginally self-loathing in their dusty tumbleweed strewn fitting rooms) as well as my super glittery and favourite ever new Barry M nail varnish in 'Hologram Hexograms' which sounds like the name of the brilliantly shit band you might have been in when you were 15. 

I ate, napped, guffawed at the Downton Abbey Special and performed my annual 'custard undercut' on my Granny's christmas trifle-the bountiful custardy layer is the best bit and you really have to scoop under and cunningly steal more than your fair share for the full impact. It's a given that by the end of Christmas Day the trifle will always have collapsed in on itself and I'll be lying in a supine position on a sofa, satisfied and slightly dying after three portions.


leilani.e said...

I do almost the same - the berry undercut. Merry Christmas.

blue roses said...

mmmm, that custard undercut sounds like a deliciously decadent maneuver....

i cannot, cannot wait for the downton abbey special, and for the series to return here states side. i am in such withdrawal. television is generally not my jam, prefer reading and films, but it is too good, the costumes too beautiful.

glad you had a happy christmas!


Anonymous said...

What size do you wear in those jeans? I think we may be the same size and I'm dying to try a pair

Francy said...

I really love the floral shirt with the high-waisted black pants. I've been looking for a pair like that!