Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Eve

These post-christmas days are my favourite part of the holidays. For me they lack the pressures of Christmas or Boxing day and I enjoy being able to graze the contents of the fridge in peace without having to force a smile every time a relative points at a random object and asks 'you going to blog about that? heh...heh...heh.' I can slump on the sofa laughing gently at You've Got Mail while feeding myself Jaffa Cakes sort of like a pasty self-service English equivalent of a Roman leader being fanned by palms and having grapes laid on his tongue. 

There is also time to do further indulgent things like 'mulling over New Years outfits' without worrying that the turkey will combust once you've stepped out of the room. Beyond the glittery nail varnishes here are my fantasy options.

Knitted star jumper, Miss Selfridge / Metallic pleat skirt, Topshop / Novelty Beer Sunglasses / Miss Sporty Sparkle Nail Varnish / Tortoiseshell hair comb, Asos / Platform Shoes, Office / Hubba Bubba for blowing bubbles at midnight.


Annabel said...

obsessed with this! i rarely comment on your blog but ive been reading for years! i like your style a lot :)

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

<3 the beer goggles. Clearly the must accessory for NYE.

Kailey said...

Oooh my goodness, I am completely in love with all of these pieces!

Anonymous said...

These days are my favorite part of the holidays too! :) Love the high waist shorts and the knitted star jumper!