Thursday, January 05, 2012

Heattech and Names

One of my oldest friends Lily is in town this week. We met at the age of 5 and bonded over our mutual hate for each other whilst fighting for the affection of a friend in the playground. We like each other more these days but don't get to see much of each other after she moved to Edinburgh 5 years ago. But she's in town and while out for drinks last night she gave me a little present-a name necklace she picked up whilst in India last year! A name necklace, one of those classic items wedged at the back of my head that I knew at some point I'd like to get around to buying but never have. But Lily got it for me and that makes it a million times for special (partly because she never bothers with birthday gifts. Even those she receives from others; she accidentally and spectacularly smashed the Chinese teapot I gave her last year mere seconds after opening it!)

I don't buy new clothes that often, my frugal brain always seems to mentally slap my hands away when they're caressing items in shops. But when I find something that works well I often end up wearing them for multiple days in a row sort of trotting along to myself thinking 'this is going really well, isn't it?' So a couple of new purchases; along with all of my new 'temperature appropriate items' (hullo puffa jacket, hullo hat and gloves, hullo vests) I bought a couple of heat tech tops from Uniqlo as well as some (not so temperature orientated but still a much welcomed addition) royal blue cords from the Topshop sale which have padded out some lacklustre corners of my wardrobe. 

The Uniqlo top I went for is from the men's department and because the fit is so nice I've been wearing it most days as a t-shirt. It is the perfect 'tight grey top'; the neckline neither too low nor too high, lightweight and flattering without being too tits-a-go-go. It is snug without being sweat inducing (ever) and I think I'm going to have to stock up on a few more because I like them so much and they're so easy to chuck on.

And about the cords...I know I made a slightly high and mighty declaration the other week that I would never dabble again in Topshop jeans but that was after a bit of a teary session in one of their changing rooms; it's much better when you can just go home and order a pair online, saving yourself from the horrified look of the sales assistants when you ask if they can get another size for you. Plus unlike their other jeans these cords are highwaisted and I mean highwaisted for real, no fanning around on that crucial muffin top cut-off point and I always find their others do. Perfect for tucking some soft heat tech into.


ADNA said...

i have a question, you post a lot of images of flatform shoes, i was wondering if you can tell me where or what website i can find some?!

Also, clogs!!! thanks

Constance Murphy said...

Cute necklace!

Anonymous said...

A nice top, but waiting for you to show of what I'm sure is an amazing set of tits in something low cut.

discotheque confusion said...

thanks for the compliment? you're right, things are always amazing when they involve tits. just like this comment box right here, with you in it.

miriam said...

i don't buy new clothes often either. love this outfit tho!