Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Some things on my mind: This brilliant use of a college sweater-paired with a white roll neck and a shiny snakeskin skirt by American Vogue's Preetma Singh via Vanessa Jackman, amazing Cheap Monday heels, Jeff Wall's 'Picture For Women' which I saw at the Art, Love and Politics in the 80's exhibition at the Museum of Contemporarty Art in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, Ting Soda, Eleanore of Ytligheter, she who will always be one of my perpetual woman crushes and who has managed to find a gold hairband from H&M (I've been vigorously checking online for so long, does anyone know where to get hold of one?), Chalayan Hussein's incredible silver shoe and matchy trouser combo from the AW12 collection.


Unknown said...

I love ting! It's so hard to come across but I remember a bar in Brick Lane serving it with rum!

blue roses said...

i do not know about h and m, or the exact style of headband you seek, but i have a gold one that came from wal-mart in a pack with a blue silver one. probably also available at rite-aid or cvs or walgreens and the like. total impulse purchase that has proven indispensable.

i want a sweatshirt, no hoody, from my alma mater.... i doubt i can achieve looking that elegant though.


Anonymous said...

your moodboards are always great! Love the Cheap Moday heels, they look really comfy and classy at the same time.
And I don't know where to find that gold hairband either, but it looks awesome.


Unknown said...

I've just been browsing your blog a little bit. Not only do you have great style but I love the way you write. Very entertaining!





sorry girl- I wasn't reading the 'comment will be published by blog author' let this be a chance to say hi! I hope you are enjoying your time in the US - if you make it to minnesota, let me know!

Sarah Margaret Flynn said...

you can get little gold pony tail hairbands like that on asos.com :-)

Anonymous said...


I purchased one recently & it does do the job but I find that the hinged part is quite visible (chunky, not totally 'smooth') but I guess you could turn it around a little to make it less noticeable. The H&M one looks quite seamless.

Wenxin Liu said...

Try this!


I only discovered this online shop while on Charlie May's blog yesterday. May be what you are looking for.

<a href="http://stylezeitgeist.blogspot.com>Wenxin from Style Zeitgeist</a>

Anonymous said...

Hey! I went yesterday to the H&M shop here in Alicante (a town of Spain where I live) and I found the gold hairband! And now it's mine hehe ^^ it was pretty cheap, 2,95 € :)

Hope you find it :)