Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Coat, Urban Outfitters, leopard print top, denim skirt and suede boots all second hand, sunglasses from Topshop, watch from American Apparel.

Oh look, more mid-week chilled out use of leopard print. I'm now starting to appreciate that whenever I moaned at home about having 'no clothes to wear', I was lying. When I packed for America, I managed to keep it pretty minimal in the clothes department and now my lack of variety is driving me slightly crazy. As much as I would love to throw money at clothes, it seems silly to when I could use that money for trips during my time here. Last weekend I went to Chicago to meet up with my friend Nanon (26 hours on a Greyhound from Massachusetts, rururu!) and after Spring Break I'll be visiting a couple of my other best friends who are studying out in California. So I'm hoping that between San Francisco and Santa Cruz I can find some dirt-cheap thrift to supplement what I have at the moment. 

I'd like to say it's liberating having a compact little wardrobe but I think because a lot of what I've been wearing has been on rotation for the past couple of years the novelty of 'clothes liberation' has passed. I wouldn't mind some new clunky black heels to replace the pair which broke last summer, or that awesome matching polka dot sweater and joggers combo from Asos just for the hell of it. Still, this is the quandary of my ever-frugal approach to clothes, I'd usually rather spend my money on traveling while I don't have an income and even though I often end up envying people who have treated themselves to some really nice new pieces, I'm ultimately happy taking this approach, and when summer comes back around and I'm working I can treat myself then. 


Anonymous said...

Find a UMASS buddy with a car and come thrifting in Springfield. I'll be happy to offer a treasure map for the locations.

ouestladiscotheque said...

Well you might be bored of your clothes but your still looking super. That leopard print is really nice, I'm also dangerously close to hitting 'buy' on that track suit. It's so fugly and appealing ! Molly xo

blue roses said...

a leopard print blouse is always on point, and a great piece to have in your arsenal.

traveling now, while you are young, is essential, and definitely the better use of your money.... time becomes so precious, with work, family, responsibilities, and obligations seemingly taking over as you get older. a wild experience or a fresh perspective on humanity is preferable to a new sweater any day.