Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bay Garnett on Cheap Date

"..It was about thrifting and independence. I found fashion magazines so elitist. Cheap Date was really just a part of who I was; there was nothing really contrived about it."

Photograph via Shardette.

Great interview with Bay Garnett over at Oyster Mag. It has me holding my breath for a possible future relaunch of Cheap Date (especially frothing at the mouth at the idea of a website launch.) The Cheap Date Guide to Style (co-authored by Kira Jolliffe) was my style bible in my teens. And it still pulls me faithfully through style funks and the ever-so-occasional blip moments of "but does is all really matter?" when on a Monday morning I might stand cluelessly in front of my wardrobe and wonder whether 'good style' is all some hideous conspiracy. (A quick flick through Cheap Date would act as the equivalent of a girlfriend leaning in a doorway saying "Chill out, man. Just have fun. Look, wear this, it'll make you look like the sexiest, most carefree broad out there.") 

And one of my favourite parts of the interview: What is the essence of Cheap Date? "Independence, imagination, spirit, anarchy, wit, and kindness." Aka, the six components of a brilliant and everlasting friendship rolled into an awesome and dependable style zine.


Joana Chaves said...

This sounds like a really great interview. I'd love to be able to read it buuuh :(

xo Joana

Camille said...

One of my old roommates had the Cheap Date Guide to Style, and I read it all in one sitting and held on to it until she started looking for it. I haven't seen it in about 3 years, but I might just have to finally buy it, it definitely had a lasting effect on me when it comes to having fun with clothes and thrifting. I wasn't aware of Cheap Date when the mag was around, but I'm certainly holding my breath too for the possible re-launch. Thanks for sharing this!

Cicely said...

I found the book in poundland! I couldn't believe it, in a way I suppose it's kind of fitting. I do hope they launch a website.