Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cool Stuff You Should Read (and Do)

My First Skateboard Lesson With Steve Owen.
Everyone knows that girls on skateboards rule, but Kirsten Lea rules even more because she got a lesson from World Champion Steve Owen.

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack.
Although the release is over a month away you can read the full tracklistings to the upcoming film here. A helluva lot of orchestral tracks with some Francoise Hardy and Hank Williams thrown in.

Kenny Dope's April Weekend. 
If you have to spend 46 minutes and 57 listening to something it should be damn good. Which this funk soul and hiphop mix is. So why not listen to it?

Bauhaus Exhibition at The Barbican.
The 'Bauhaus: Art as Life' exhibition is running from now until August 12th at the London Barbican. I'm very excited to catch it after making a trip to the Bauhaus Archiv last summer only to arrive to it's closed doors (doh..)

Life Skills 101.
The bestest, bestest 'life skills' guide compiled by Rookie Magazine. How to haggle, how to introduce people well, how to tip properly and how to throw a punch and scale a fence when you really need to.


Isabella said...

Great read


ouestladiscotheque said...

This is great! x

Matthew Spade said...

always wish i took up skateboarding, too old now to do it without looking daft. found your blog on goodhood, pretty into it