Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Where Are We Now?

In honour of this mornings glorious, glorious news that David Bowie is releasing his first material in over 10 years, I am posting the video for his new single Where Are We Now. Because a) I was absolutely ecstatic to hear the news upon returning from swimming and switching on the kitchen radio. None of my flatmates were awake so I just danced really quickly on the spot and texted my Mum, the person responsible for my introduction to Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust and b) the video is a curious mix of Wings of Desire and.. Avid Merrion. 

It also felt really lovely to wake up to good news. Usually waking up to a big news story is characterised by a death or a tragic event. But this time it was just a lot of really, really excited people making lots of noise about David Jones. Good to have you back, Mr Bowie. 


blue roses said...

i left the house this morning, grumpy and in a hustle.... dreadful client deadline. as i opened your blog, my boyfriend texted me with this news; swoon! i am so, so, so excited, and cannot agree more. with all the tragedy and horror that splashes our news, implants in our minds, it is wonderful to see such anticipation and glee over a wonderful artist.

ouestladiscotheque said...

The good news thing hadn't occurred to me but that makes this extra special :) I really like it. I wasn't sure whether to listen or not in case I was disappointed but I'm glad I trusted in his genius !! M xo