Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A PS, on blogging

A quick ps, to say thank you for all of the lovely comments left on my last post, it really means a lot. I really enjoyed writing about the romance of solitude, not only was it a cathartic piece to pen but it encouraged a lot of interaction from you lot that I haven't experienced for years with the blog. It seems that a lot of people feel the same about solitude and romance, and I hope that maybe I helped some people to recognise solitude rather than 'loneliness'. I actually had the confidence to go to a gig alone after writing that piece and am so glad I did because it was such a wonderful performance, made all the more special by being able to fully immerse myself in it, and not needing to pull myself away to go to the bar for a round!

Blogging has changed a lot since I started in 2006; there used to be a lot more in the way of conversation between the readers and writers of and that's something that doesn't happen as much anymore. I'm just the same, where I used to leave comments regularly on my favourite blogs my consumption habits have now changed. Mostly I'll just scroll, read and then hop off and do something else. Sometimes I'll tweet the author if it's a post I particularly enjoyed, or share it, but having a little more in the way of conversation after my last post was lovely and makes me realise that there is still a community of really cool people out there. Of course I knew there was all along but it's like we all sort of came out of our bedrooms and waved at each other. I find it refreshing especially at a time when my own interest in 'traditional' fashion blogs has diminished and I'm into reading blogs that feels a little meatier, (able to ride through online fads) and which encourage a conversation. I've certainly had up and down periods with this blog, posting less frequently and sometimes feeling uninspired. I think this is pretty natural given that I started writing it when I was 15 (I'm now 22) but I'm glad that I kept going past the moments that I considered stopping and have managed to transition into another direction and that lots of the cool, inspiring people who have been in contact over the years seem to still be kicking about and reading. So once again, thank you for the kind words and I'll be back with an update soon.

FYI: The photograph is by Philip-Lorca DiCorcia who has an exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield opening at the weekend. I've been browsing through this back catalogue online, but that's not the same as gawping at it right up close, and so a daytrip is in order.


Eliza said...

As someone who has only just started blogging (I moved into the most amazing place to work with the art there and wanted to chat to family and friends) I have been blown away by the support of a whole community I never knew existed! I second this post, big time
E x NothinglikeDownton

Unknown said...

Your piece on the romance of solitude hooked me and this follow up has done the rest. I, too, am looking for something more or different or just something from the blogs I read. A few years ago fashion was enough, but now I need more - did I just say that out loud? Thankfully I'm finding it, (here most notably) and perhaps just as important - I'm writing it myself. Or at least trying to.

kb xx

p.s. kudos on the solo gig - sometimes experiences are best when not shared.

Ally said...

Hey Stevie, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've been reading yours for many many years too and at the risk of sounding like that weird family friend you see once a decade, it has been so cool watching your life change and grow as you have gone from school to uni to beyond!

I also used to comment on blogs far more frequently and in more depth. Now, like you, I find myself flicking more, and reading less blogs overall. But there are still a handful of blogs that make my heart leap when I see a new post (yours included) and it is great to be reminded of the blogging community, and the cool people around the world doing their thing and sharing it. I've made some great real life friends through my blog, so even though it doesn't get much love these days I still feel the need to keep it going just so I can look back on it one day as a record of my chaotic 20s.

On your last post - there is so much romance in solo activities. I love going to the cinema alone, and also travelling alone. I spent a week in eastern europe by myself many winters ago, and while there were moments of loneliness, it also felt very indulgent to be able to do, see, eat what I want, whenever.

PS - Speaking of eating whatever I want - Ham and Eggs sound like a brilliant combination and oh so British. Might have to try it out this weekend.

Dreaming in Brighton said...

This was a really nice post - it's good to see that the same appreciation is shared when someone takes the time to comment on something. The interaction that has the potential to stem from writing always makes it that bit less predictable and more exciting. It's always great to see someone's personal stories come out of a passing thought you've had. I remember reading your blog when I used to follow blogging more religiously and having just gotten back into it I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon it again and to see how its evolved! P.S. that is a wonderful photo, I'm going to go and marvel at more of Philip-Lorca's work now

Nicola said...

This is late, but I've just been scrolling through your blog again and your post on solitude was genuinely really eloquent and resonated with me so much. You mentioned how you went to a gig on your own and I really think that the reason I did the same not long ago was something to do with that post- dwelling in the back of my mind I suppose.
Thank you for being able to decipher those moments and for reminding me(/us) solitude is admirable at times! Especially when I'm literally surrounded by couples moving in together post graduation.