Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's: Dress Sexy At My Funeral

If you're going to need some sort of musical acknowledgement of the fact that today is St Valentine's, then I guess we should just go for it.

I get it, we go through life with little musical clues just to remind us where we are. From the death-knell of the alarm clock in the morning to the sweet whispers of Bing and David and Wham! and Mariah come Christmas. And not forgetting Cliff Richard and Alice Cooper as you're dropkicking the doors of your school/workplace/airport shuttle bus open to the summer holidays.
Here then, are ten tracks playing tribute to sexiness, coming out, unrequited love, daddy issues, faultless love affairs and respecting your lady. But remember, you're only allowed to listen to this mix today; on the 14th. Because today is love day.

1) Dress Sexy St My Funeral- Smog
2) She's A Lady- Tom Jones
3) I Wanna Be Yours- John Cooper Clarke
4) Bonita Applebum (Why Remix)- A Tribe Called Quest
5) Si Mi Perderai- Nico Fidenco
6) Outside- George Michael
7) Daddy Never Understood- Deluxx Folk Implosion
8) Slow Burn- David Bowie
9) Let Me Kiss You- Nancy Sinatra and Morrissey
10) Islands In The Stream- Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

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