Sunday, October 01, 2006

Layering and Japan

Ok, so this post is kind of about two things. My current love of Layering, and my current love of Japan.

Would also like to mention my friend lily, who embraced the style of layering when I went for a meal with her and a friend the other night, and she looked fantastic, wish I could have taken a picture. She was wearing little brown leather slouchy boots, a purple H and M shirt with a carigan over the top, shorts, tights and to top it all off, wound around her neck a long wooly purple scarf, which was given to her as a christmas present last year from our BF Charlotte.

But anyway, other than Lost In Translation, my current love for Japan is because a friend of the family recently gave me some old japanese magazines that she was going to throw out. I'm in love with some of the pictures in there and wish I had a scanner to show some of the amazing styles of some people. But, I did find some pictures on someones Flickr site. I especially love the second picture. It really demonstrates how great the japanese are at layering and shows wearing clashy patterns can work really well.

Heres the site address for the page where I found the pictures, its worth having a peek, they're good.

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More examples of Japanese layering....

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check out the girl on the left with all her cardigans-she looks fantastic! The colours look great together and I love the metalics. Reminds me of Ana from the OC! [see below, looking Hawt]

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Love the girl on the rights outfit. I love her puffa jacket/gilet thing, isn't it typical that when I had a big fat silver one when I was little, I didn't like it, but I love this. Mind you, I probably still wouldn't wear a puffa jacket/gilet even if i had one. I'd feel a bit too much like a marshmallow! The Picture of camoflague, beanie and skinny jeans finish off the outfit very well, I think!

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I think this outfit is very Rachel Zoe! But better...

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And look, even the tour guides in Japan look good!



poetic? said...

japan is style!!!!!! your blog continues to amaze me!!!!!! :]]

le fashion said...

hi, thanks for visitng my blog, i like your very much, great pics! i used to love japanise street style, now i like it, but im not such big fan like i used to be. hear you soon, continue visiting my blog:)

le fashion said...

oh i forgot this what is so cool about japan fashion is that people are so creative and they are, they wear what they want, and doesnt care about what other people say, its cool! and you are from japan?

le fashion said...

of course i've seen!its my favourite movie, i can watch it every day, i have it on dvd:) this summer i was in uk, in eastbourne and brighton, but i would like to go to LOndon:) and Tokio, it must be amazing experience, becouse it is such different place than Europe. i love the view from the window in the hotel(in lost in translation) it would be cool to sitting like that and looking at so big city! it would be cool if we could talking by email my is: what;s your?

A. said...

wow your blog is super cute! the tee is from delias. my mom thinks it's stupid though, so i have to pay for it myself. oh well.

would you like me to link you?

Clare said...

Wow, you're doing really well with this new blog. I'm really bad with mine. I need to update it more! That is my aim: to update it every few days now.

Great job on the blog, and a fantastic post too. The whole layering thing is a fantastic trend at the moment. I'm happy to layer up what with all this cold weather coming!

Style Spot said...

Japan is so stylish, and I love the photos from there...fantastic :)))
You've got such an amazing blog!! I loove it loads <3

Marie-Kristine said...

love the blog!
and i love aqll the japanese layering on this post.

Sylvia said...

Thanks for posting such wonderful compliments on my blog! I love the fashion and pics in yours, it's funny because I just got through watching reruns of America's Next Top Model which they filmed in Japan. The fashion there is so free!