Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marc Fake-obs

Catwalk ripoffs and fakes. Its a subject that usually divides people, and I have to say, I'm not a fan of people who go around paradeing cheap looking bags, just because they have a big LV sign stitched all over it.

but.... if the catwalk version is nice, and the fake is a thumbs up, why not go for it!?
Theres no point in being a label snob, if the fake version is minus the ridiculous price tag!

So, here are some the two MJ versions that I came across. Obviously, the real MJ would be amazing, but I think that at the age of 15, its unrealistic to aim so high!


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Fred Flare's version, £26 (about $50)

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Will the real MJ please stand up? The Leather Stam bag, £760! (about $1,400)

I personally think that the Fred one looks better, I like the fact that the chain is darker, and the stitching is more eyecatching. Its funny, the Marc one actually looks like the faux one! But maybe thats just the picture?
What do you think?

S xx


What's Haute said...

the fred flare one looks cheaper but it is cuter.

-S said...

personally, i could tell the marc jacobs "stam" bag apart from just about any imposter. seriously,i am obsessed with it. although i could never afford upwards of $2,300 for a bag, oogling it always helps.

poetic? said...

fred flare=♥

Sarah said...

i don't mind knock offs as long as the label not screaming in your face, like the louis vuitton bags

Anonymous said...

i like the marc jacobs one better. i dunno it just seems more neat and tidy. well tats just me though