Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rules of His N Hers

When it comes to matchy matchy, the usual rule is that it is something that couples should avoid.

Anyone who has ever seen a pap shot of Victoria and David should know this, and presumably because of their influence, the same now goesr for Tom and Katie.

But after spotting Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson's get ups, I think an exception to the rule must be made. This picture seems to be full of things that just shouldn't be right, but somehow just are and work so well.
Firstly, this is the "his 'n hers" factor, and secondly its those bloody desert scarves! These have had some serious over exposure in my opinion (and yet Balenciaga still incorporated them into their winter collection!...)

How is it that Josh and Diane manage to carry them off in a way that is chic and smart and sexy, rather than fashion victim, bandwagon jumpers, and mutton dressed as lamb? I think its because its simply them.

Miller Time

Sienna Miller looked great at the launch of (yet another celebrity turned designer) her line Twenty One Twenty by S. Miller, the line that her and her sister Savannah have been collaborating on. I think she took a cue from Liv Tyler who hands down trumped her in that Stella McCartney Spring 07 dress, by adding a touch of classsss with a tux jacket.

And I love her shoes. Spiky Louboutins? I've tried to work out which ones they are, but can't. The little spike like gems add an edginess to the shoeswhose red soles are nowadays mostly assosiated with fashion wannabes and footballers wives (Oh, and those rip offs in New Look!)

Sienna has been looking pretty good recently, mostly whilst roaming the streets of NYC. And her shades are obviously to her what those Balenciaga boots are to MK Olsen.

But Who can blame her? They're certainly a refreshing change from the hoards of Raybans and LA oversizes. And I'd like to point out that they're not Linda Farrows like I said they were a few posts ago, they're AM Cosbey.

Spot the Difference

And did anyone catch a glimpse of Gwyneth Paltrow at the Comic-Con? I loved the colouring of her dress, and her red lipstick was very flattering, but she just seemed a little rigid to me, A little shy and embarrased to be in the limelight. And her trademark straightened tresses looked a little old and dry. She just looked a bit like she didn't want to be there. Thoughts?

PS, Vaguely disappointed that I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, but it was my birthdayyy! Had a lovely weekend of eating and socialising, which is a perfect way to spend time, in my opinon. Got lots of lovely presents, and lots of new additions to my wardrobe. Hoorah!


Siru said...

that his n hers thing is a no no. sure there are always cases who can pull it off, but usually , please.
Sienna looks the same as she always does. nice .

and happy birthday !

juliet xxx

Susana Rodrigues said...

i hate when couples dress to look alike! (specially the beckham family lol)
Sienna looks great, but i also like the olsen style!
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

María said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!
So, do you hate Palestina scarves? I have one, for political reasons.

I don't like Gwyneth there, red+pink in the same dress???!! NO

-S said...

i too saw the josh and diane photo. i was perplexed of course whether to think it was cute that they were dressed alike, or Nauseating. after some thought, i think i like it.
p.s, i love when you disect the paparazzi photos.

Andrea Martínez said...

I love how Sienna has been looking lately
It was my birthday too, so happy birthday for us hahaha

Anonymous said...

I dont actually mind couples matching just as long as they pull it off and its not so in your face, however I hate it when the beckams do it. Happy Birthday:)

Unknown said...

sienna looks good. and I was more shocked at the fact that diane and josh are DATING!! why do people NOT tell me these thing...aghh. thank goodness for your wonderful blog. ;)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!

Weekly Blogette said...

I had no idea Diane Kreuger and Josh Jackson were a couple. Diane Kreuger is really beautiful. Her style is very nice too.

Bella said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I'm actually excited for Seinna Miller's line, b/c I think her sister Savannah actually went to design school, so maybe it will be pure genius...i hope...

Style Spot said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!! I hope you had an amazing day!

Sienna has been looking so good lately, and I think her collection will be fantastic!

And you are so right about Diane and Joshua..they are really working it!


Lana said...

Congrats!!! Pictures of your new wardrobe presents? (A)

I love the outfit from MK, it's soooo simple! And the boots, oh! <3!

Teresa said...

Oy Gwenyth looks as WASPy as ever.

Teresa said...

Oh and happy belated birthday!
And I get what you're saying about the scarves, they are so...hipstery CobraSnake Misshapes to me. At times I want to look away but I can't sadly.

Kat said...

Sienna looks fab as ever, Gwen looks dumpy and diane and Joshua look cool together, not at all Posh & Becks - ish!
Great Blog:-)

Kat said...

Maggie Gyllenhaal the new face afterall? Interesting choice, she has big shoes to fill.
Eeeh, that cover is a bit much for me, i prefer her with clothes on!

I'm linking you:-)

Ella Gregory said...

happy birthday
i am dying to get a laptop but i always think of other things i would rather have like clothes and i never get one
sienna miller really annoys me at the moment, her and peaches geldolf together are an annoy pair, there too 'look at me' i think
but i have to say im liking her hair a lot more recently
and joshua jackson is starting to look very cute to me! maybe its just because hes with diane kruger who i adore and keep meaning to post on!
x x x x

maya said...

happy birthday for yesterday and yey finally someone who kind of likes sienna's style.
do you watch hollyoaks? sorry, slightly random...

Hildur said...

I especially hate it when couples wear matching colours.
But I love Sienna Miller's style and I really like what I've seen so far from the Twenty8Twelve collection. The line is well designed with beautiful items. It's not that ordinary celeb clothing line, I guess that's because Sienna's sister is a designer.
I don't like the Zac Posen dress Gwyneth's wearing, and don't let me get started on the hair.

Anyways, happy birthday !!

-ciao bella- said...

haha love the post. sometimes couples dressing to look alike are just kind of annoying but they pull it off in a tasteful way. happy birthday by the way said...

Love and agree with all your observations. Gwyneth's hair -yuk, those tired old desert scarves, Sienna's shades. Anyone else think Sienna is wearing far too much macquillage in that pic?

jackie said...

love your blog!

matt williams said...

I love Mary Kate Olsen. American Harpers Bazar recently did a story on why fashion needs eccentrics and she was the only person under 30 included. I must say that she really loves fashion. Even the things that are hard to wear.

Diana Coronado said...

Great post !!