Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PS, I Love You

Jack and Lazaro have kept texture and tribal in the limelight with their spring 2008 collection, but, naturally, have added a whole new spin on things.

In my opinion, the show has been a highlight, after a slow start to fashion week. (Was or is anyone else feeling an overexpose to floaty fabrics and neutral colours?) Let's get the cynism over and done with..I'm not so keen on the military looks that have been incorporated into the collection; there's something not quite right about the rigid look of the waistcoats. I'm more of a fan of the "harsh" military look; chic studs and dark colours and luxe fabrics ala Givenchy, and the Moss backlash doesn't help on the waistcoast front; I really feel that it has seriously outstayed it's welcome.
However, on the otherhand, I have absolutley fallen in love with the 1970's style dresses. Not so much to do with the cut or the shape, but purely because the fabrics, patterns and colours remind me of the 1970's decor of my great great aunt's house (big up Aunty Megan!). Looking at these dresses kind of makes me want to stuff my face with disgusting amounts of prawn cocktail and Duck a la Orange whilst lying on a shagpile rug..

The lack of trousers and the number of legs on show tells us that thankfully, short hemlines will be sticking around for a while longer, and I'm just glad that we have some more elegant dresses to feast our eyes on, rather than tacky psychedelic print mini dresses. (Oh, sorry Pucci, I forgot about you..) Of course the "cavalry" hats, which are Hussar meets Mountain Ranger are a stroke of genius, it goes without saying that it is unlikely that they'll be seen anywhere other than the pages of magazines, but I'm predicting they'll be a regular in the spring editorials.

Balenciaga's fall collection, a firm favourite for many brought the urban tribal look to our attention. Those jodphurs and those scarves. Proenza Schouler seem to have added to this look, and given it a new spin for 2008. They've added African Safari elements without resorting to beige khakis, which is always inevitable and extremely cliched. They have got rid of those usual features and created something fresh and interesting that deserves a new name so that it isn't assosiated with flash in the pan "mini trends", like Nu Rave or Neo Blaah.


Bojana said...

First comment!

Great post... The collection is very nice. I love the structured waistlines and cinched belts.The coloours seem more fallish to me but I love them anyway.


Ella Gregory said...

im so glad that the dresses/skirts are short this year
i dont think i could cope with another summer of cheap maxi dresses
Proenza Schouler's was my fave collection (though zac posen is coming close behined)

-S said...

i was not a big fan of the proenza schouler collection this season. i think they have done better collections in the past

Ângela Brito said...

Proenza Schouler, Rocks!!
Colours, shape, styling, fabrics... Its all very nice.

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Great picks! Loved the collections!


Mrs Fashion said...

Ah, I love you too!

And I'm loving Neo Blaah - surely the hottest new SS trend?


Ella Gregory said...

i did quite like her blonde but brunette also works on her
shes so pretty anything looks cool on her i think
i dont like sienna's brown hair though, what did you think of it?

A. said...

proenza schouler was one of my absolute favourites this season [so far]

ive got to do a post about it all soon...

the song is 'sweet dogs' by trolle siebenhaar ;]

oh, darling, i just adore your blog. im going to link you!

bisous xx a.

Bojana said...

How can I e-mail/contact you? I'd like to ask you about something... *cough co-working blogs cough*

Bojana said...

Actually...please send me an email on , if you want to sure!

palegrey? said...

Balenciaga is great.

Teresa said...

OH I thought I was the only one seeing a little too much floaty fabric and neutral colors!! I mean every collection I saw had a similiar look - a silk chiffon blah-colored dress.
But I do like the Proenza Schouler collection; quite a departure to the tight bandage dresses Posh loved so much in seasons past.