Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Twelve Wonders

Last December, I compiled my first seven twelve wonders model post, and it looked like this. For the first post of the 1st Discotheque Confusion Anniversary series (wayyy), the old models have been tossed to the sideline (you're 26? Step away from that runway, love!) and the freshers have been cast under the limelight.

At a glance, the general model "theme" seems to be pale and interesting, eastern european, with a few all americans thrown in for good measure, oh, and the odd ozzie. Lara Stone is the current winner for me, hands down, purely for her chilling, stony stare and incredible cheekbones. Though next week, could be a different matter... Let me know your favourite!

I've spring cleaned the likes of Tanya, Hye and Coco, because although I still love to see them strutting their stuff, I wanted to pay homage to the new generation.


Ella Gregory said...

to be really honest i dont like most of these
they all seem a bit pale and gaunt looking
oh no am i becoming those annoying people that constantly complains about size 0 models?
i hope not!
but i may be becoming one who complains about lack of fake tan on them
i think the first post i ever read on your blog was on rachel bilson
i remember liking it instantly

discotheque confusion said...

yes, they are all rather pale, but I think I quite like that about them, as its in a translucent way... (plus, these are from the winter collections, remember, and unless you're R Cavalli, in tends to be pale et au natural for winter, ha!)

It was the Rachel Bilson post, I think, as I read the comment quite recently.

S xx

Aisha said...

I read your last post and i can't wait to read the recreations of your posts =).

I like the idea of this one "12 wonders" sounds pretty cool. I think irina Kulikova is so pretty, but maybe this is probably not her most flattering shot =P


ps. Happy b-lated anniversary! =) keep on rocking!

alluretone said...

yesss, i have been waiting. i have to say kasia struss has become a favorite of mine, she just has the fresh look to her. her eyes are gorgeousss. i think you've nailed the 12 wonders, though i don't like some of them as much, but they are becomming quite popular on the runways. esp magdalena, there's just something about her- she's got a reallly unique face- it looks different to me everytime. lara, catherine and irina are my favorites also, i read somewhere that liv tyler discovered irina- how random?

Bojana said...


Though Ali Michael is going on my neveres, she's like in EVERY Teen Vogue editorail, every month. Okay so actually Teen Vogue is going on my nerves. Whatever.

Anyway I really like how the presentation, your posts are always eye candy.


A said...

happy birthday!! how did you get that to be written on your comment page?? (looks of envy)
i feel so out of it, i hardly recognise any of the models... all good picks though!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! i love the pale look it is lovely and different from the tanned and blonde type of model and also very fitting as it is becoming winter and so there shouldn't be many tanned models cos then we know they will be faking it. I think it is also much harder to look beutiful when you are pale as you don't have the orange covering you spots.

Lana said...

You go girl! Putting the spotlight on someone else sometimes is good :P!

A. said...

i love all your older posts; especially the one about alison goldfrapp & her lolita sunnies. ;]
i just adore her! & those pictures were fab!

Siru said...

oh my, it's again the time of the year when you should have all these opinions about the new models - who's the face of th eseason, who's here to stay ?

I'm so not goo din this.

juliet xxx

The Spicers said...

I love Lara, Catherine, and Alana, but something about Magdelena F. bothers me. She's looks a bit too much like her head was squeezed out of a tube.

Ana said...

*sings Haaaapy Birthday!*

I love Darla Baker. shes so underrated. Right now I also like Behati Prinslo.

Joyce said...

happy happy happy happy birthday dear

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

never mind the models, the outfits are great too!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday again sweetie! All these ever changing new models scare me. They are chewed up and spit out within months the most of them. And the names are worse then historic dates to learn! lara is amazing looking although she is actually so 'fiece' as tyra would say, it scares me!
x x x

Héloïse J. said...

i adore lara, she has this dynamic beauty compared to the rest of pale girls. but what i hate this period is all these 14 and 15 years old little girls that they don't even have breasts yet and become muses. IT'S SICK. they should stop it.