Saturday, November 10, 2007

Best dressed of the week: celebrity clique edition.

These girls stood out in what was a slow week style wise.
Lots of street wear went down, and SJP made an outing as herself, which makes a change after all the Carrie-ness thats been going down lately.
Did anynoe else get a peek of the photos of the filming of the Gossip Girl christmas special? I thought Blair's get up was very winter wonderland, and although the preppy look is certainly not a look that I usually embrace, well done to the wardobe team.

While I'm not really down with keeping track of what LA reality starlets are wearing, High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale was a pleasant interesting surprise this week in a cableknit cardy-come-coat and scruffy Olsen-esque booties topped off with a Chanel handbag. Not particularly adventurous, but she got my attention nonetheless. Lauren Conrad, usually Queen of the Bland and under-understated, stuck to her trademark of all things simple but for one actually exuded a small portion of glam.

Natalie Portman and Rachel Bilson both looked as hip and effortless as usual as they went for lunches with guy pals (Rachel) and hot BFS (Natalie).

Both Thandie Newton and Rachel Weisz shone in two simple red carpet looks. Thandie in particular has had some very successful looks recently, and here she wore a Giles dress (who else? They're tight n shit.) I wonder who styles her, possibly Lisa Michelle Boyd, as they were having a chinwaggle at Karl's Fendi Great Wall extravaganza. I'm afraid I don't know the designer of Rachel's dress, but hands up if you do!

Which teams put up the best fight for week's best dressed?
Thandie and Rachel W (The Brits), Lauren and Ashley (The Hollywood Teens) or Rachel B and Natalie (The Cools)?


Eva. said...

rachel b. and natalie p. hands down.. love them(acting style looks) --> everything

Unknown said...

i gree. anyone who manages style in their downtime deserves major brownie points (especially for not veering into the juicysweatpants field of dressing)...

but thandie has the best standalone look, hands down- gawgus!

emsie said...

i love rachel bilson :)


The Attire said...

haha, that's ok, i still like them. =)
ooo, rachel bilson's sunnies are so adorable.

Ella Gregory said...

The Hollywood Teens are the ones i'm going for
only beacuse the rest I think can do better, but for Lauren and Ashley it's a big improvement

And yes they were your's, but I saw you in my Balenciaga's!!!


Maria G said...

I love your blog. I´m from Argentina.. I ´like you to pass by my Blog.

love.. mari*

Carolyn Keene said...

i loved thandie's dress but the cool's dressed down looks have won my heart im afraid!
plus, rachel's shades are just so awesome.

Flavia Flanders said...

i don't like lauren now... in the past i did..

love rachel's shades...

Anonymous said...

i like rachel bilson's outfit the most, i don't like thandie's dress at all!

Avenue George said...

They all look nice but they don't rock my boat.
My heart still lies with another catergory- Parisian Princesses; Poesy, Gainsbourg and Restoin-Roitfeld!

I always love reading your posts x

Ella Gregory said...

He looks like their love child! hahaha
I know what you mean this week has been pretty dull for clothes
And I was born 30 seconds before you, therefore the shoes were mine before yours!
x x x

Tinsley said...

Id have to say the cools
i though rachels dress was quite bland close up - she would have looked amazing in a bright blue or rich purple

natalie portman isnt special in that look but i love rachel bilson!

-S said...

I loved rachels dress, but i have seen side shots of it, and don't like the weird cutting on it. otherwise, i love it!

Siru said...

Natalie and Rachel. no doubt.

juliet xxx

Tinsley said...

aha your comment made me laugh
i seriously feel like an alcoholic when i get my copy of french vogue

dont worry ill keep the paris vogue ed's coming ;)

Z said...

rachel. she does everything right.

T said...

Long time no see. Or er talk... blog?
Glad to see your still the most original blogger out there. I've read all your recent posts and they're great :)

Miss you xx

Andrea Martínez said...

Despite I hate teen queens, Ashley looks pretty cool in that outfit

Anonymous said...

i like but i feel very ill so you know..

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Rachel Bilson's always one of my favorites. Effortless.