Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Rumour Mill

Can you identify the mutton and the lamb?

To counteract the inevitable furry teeth and headaches, seeing as it is the day after Halloween. Here's a treat... (pun intended). Comment if you think you can guess who these two ladies are.
Starring in a series that has had lots of tongues waggling about the wardobe, this actress showed that Chanel tweed isn't all about twin sets and pearls...

Exuding sophistiation (ahem) and ...dignity (ahemhemm), this 50 something has me wondering, yet again, how she manages to play such a supposedly influential part in the fashion industry.

The new SS08 creations have started making their way down the red carpet. (See last post for Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga) Both Thandie Newton and Camille Belle (who has that Barton-esque habit of looking good a lot of the time, but doing little else career-wise.) rocked Luella's liberty print dress. Camille looked all youthful and french with skyhigh platforms and sexyglossy hair, while Thandie looked usually chic and knowing.
Who rocked the best outfit for you?

What are these internet whisperings that I hear? Kate will be modelling for the YSL SS08 campaign? I sincerely hope not; I love the current YSL ads; makes me think of a sexy parisian couple having an explosive argument with Gisele looking all pissed off and gorgeous. Would be rather ironic if Moss (at worlds 2nd highest paid supermodel) took over from the woman at the top of the game.
In terms of Halloween, I had resigned myself to spending the night in, seeing to the Trick or Treaters and watching some shit TV, but got asked by some friends if I fancied a night out, so after a last minute rummage, I managed to concoct a DIY Wonderwoman get up, which made me rather smug. We all went to the local gay bar where we met the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Mr Incredible

What did you dress up as? Anyone as Amy Winehouse? Apparently lots of people did, she was the most popular "get up" it seems, this Halloween. In that case many people will have not only have suffered from sore feet today, but a stiff neck as well after trying to support that hair!

PS, It's November, and you know what that means, don't you? Ultimate girl-crush
Charlotte Gainsbourg has guest-edited the December issue of French Vogue. (Carine, I salute you for continually putting Wintour to shame.)


maya said...

Thandie Newton's child goes to my sisters school and everytime i drop my sister off and see her i have to bite my lip to stop myself confessing my undying love for her and how adorable she is.

Lana said...

I like it on Camille Belle :). Thandie is being too average, you can play with this dress!

riz said...

Damn that last line!! Let's hope AW never reads it :) I love Thandie...and we should still definitely do that post. I had this huge presentation due for class, but I'm still up for it. Email me...

Aisha said...

I love the luella dress on both, Thandie & Camille.

Uh, wish you could show us your wonderwoman outfit! But i think you told me on one comment some weeks ago about your camara being broke.

Dressing up as Amy was such a great idea i would never have came up with =( ... a messy poofy bun & black eyeliner. I actually didn't dress up and spent the night at my cousin's birthday... he's only 9, so, it was not very much fun =P. I still managed to have some fun with my older cousins and my sister and drink some beer late at night. Blahblah.


h said...

Thandie always looks amazing! She can be in sweats and have unkempt hair and still look beautiful. She never lets the fashionistas down!!

Kat said...

Well I'm guessing the one on the left is Sharon Stone and the one on the right is ..... um

Camille defintely rocks the dress waaaay better then Thandie. I'm not really a Thandie fan, she dresses way to seriously. Love that liberty print.

Gotta say I'm not a Gisele fan either. She is just blah!
God I am right moaning myrtle today!

That is hilarious about Amy Winehouse!!!
x x x

Anonymous said...

Looks like I did the opposite of what you did. I would have loved to go as catwoman for halloween, however I decided to stay in and eat most of the sweeties I was meant to give out, then got up with a toothache the next morning. I love the Luella dress on both Thandie and Camille.

katherine said...

ahh! Im so so excited about Charlotte Gainsbourg guest-editing! Shes simply perfect.

Ella Gregory said...

I will cry is Kate replaces Gisele
Kate takes everything, soon she'll own the world!
And the YSL adds are so pretty anyway, don't change the face!
and i love the luella dress
thandie is so pretty

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Camilla wore it better. Who are the headless ladies above?

Bojana said...

The one on the right is definitely Courtney Love.who else can have such a fucked up body? But the idea.

Mrs Fashion said...

Version 1: Yes of course! I'm Kiki's other NBF doncha know!

Version 2: Erm, maybe. Not. Look. Is it so bad I got it off a press release?! Stamps foot.

PS: I can't get your guess the slebs! I'm thinking someone in SATC for the 1st one cos of the clue but the legs are a bit chunky for SJP? The stance looks a bit Jessica Biel... Hmm... Or Rebecca Romjin? Dunno. Give us another clue, pleeeeease!

But the 2nd one is Anna Wintour. Those beige Manolos give it away. And I know how much your admire her magazine!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That has to be Anna Wintour on the right...those are her signature Manolo's.
Has the new Paris Vogue come out yet? I only just got the one with Caroline Murphy and that cool bearded guy with amazing supermodel legs...was rather brilliant I have to say.
And argh will be very mad if Mossy becomes the new YSL girl; she is absolutely wrong for that label (I am, however, of the school of though that Kate Moss is no longer right for anything except for looking like a washed up coke whore)

Anonymous said...

on the left Cynthia Nixon.. on the right, some crazy lady?

Q said...

LOL I enjoy seeing the usual graphics and the haphazard choppy cuts, they are so laissez-faire chic. =)

Ana said...

i like it on camilla-she toyed with it a bit.
as for halloween-well im young enough to go trick or treating, and i went as a ballerina.

Lauren said...

love that luella dress, as well has the whole collection!
my friend was wonder woman too :) i went as lucille ball

Bojana said...

I know you're a Yelle fan, so check my latest post :) :)

Tinsley said...

Oh thank god! I've been waiting for the charlotte edited vogue to come out for theee longest time!
by the way i love your blog- big inspiration

sluchik said...

The one to the left is the amazing Kristen Bell and the one to the right no idea.