Saturday, November 03, 2007

Best dressed of the Week: City Edition
Bitchiness goes hand in hand with fashion and fame. So lets reunite the stars with some patriotism by voting for this week's best style city..
Liv Tyler gets extra points for actually looking good at Halloween, when she went trick or treating as Pochontas with her son Milo "Spiderman", but she proved that she can go from cute mum to sexy MILF at the launch of the new Givenchy perfume. Speaking of cute, Wes Anderson was cute as pie in his bow tie at the London premiere of Darjeeling Limited. Does the East Coast deserve the prize?

Despite still insisting on wearing black (thoughts on these Armstrong rumours, anyone?) Ashley still managed to look as effortless as always. Surprisingly, Elisha Cuthburt scrubbed up pretty well, but really she'd representing LA purely for those Miu Miu heels. And who would have thought that one of the city's most notorious party girls could become such a hot mama. I know theres been a lot of MILF talk, but I think we have another contender! Do these girls bring the standard to the top?

Sienna Miller and Kate Winslet both put in a good word for their city with their chic street wear. Despite the rain Sienna looked very sophisticated, and rather, well, polished! Kate showed how to dress for a long haul flight when arriving at LAX in style and Thandie wore that Luella SS08 dress to a Darfur benefit with ease. (Check out how Camille Belle also wore it in the post below..) Does Blighty's capital win thanks to these get ups?


Tinsley said...

oh I love ashleys outfit! i much prefer her over her sister - yes i do love mk but shes looking a little haggard lately

great blog :)

heather said...

Oh I just love Wes Anderson (why doesn't everyone dress like him or one of his characters?) and I love bow ties and i love Ashley Olsen and I love your blog. Great great great

Lana said...

I go for London! I think Europian girls have that little bit extra! And Sienna looks great btw.

Ana said...

i go for NYC because i love the attitude but London because im a euro-brat. haha

Bojana said...

Damn, super cool layout.

MILF??? I'm a bit out-of-date. What does it mean?

And, hahaha yeah, I also think I dance like someone on pills/speed. It's funny.

MarĂ­a said...

Thx soooo much, for putting in your november best reads :)

Love what Liv Tyler was wearing.

Ella Gregory said...

Never fear MK hit and miss is back
and my opinions on the lance thing...
i think its ok in a strange way, those olsen's must be pretty mature because they have spent their life working with people so much older than them
and LA was the best city this week I think
I loved Nicole's look! She's so cute, I hope she has a girl!
and Liv is stunning!

x x x x

Mine said...

i would say sienna is the most best dressed in this post.she really suprised me.a few months she was dressed like she wasn't care of anything.but now look at her(especially in the rain!) :)

Jessica Chu said...

absolutely love your blog!! so excited that i just discovered it!

trade links?
keep up the great work!

miss *ann said...

i adore this blog, oh lord!