Saturday, March 01, 2008

A little bird told me.

Daphne Guinness on getting dressed in the morning
"I begin by covering myself with scent. I start with a key piece and build on that. Then finally I take things away-shrinking my look down to the proposition. I always check the proportions and width of the shoulders to make sure they are aligned. "

Jonathan Saunders on his style mantra.
"Don't be afraid of colour. A great outfit doesn't always have to be just black. Be brave!"

Kate Hudson reveals her style icon.
"My Mom. She has a wonderful sense of style. All of her amazing Bob Mackie outfits...My Mom's the queen of the minidress and matching underwear."

Keira Knightley's best (and most honest) style tip.
"Get a good stylist!"

Diane Kruger on Karl Lagerfeld.
"I met him at a casting when I was 16 and he lives a couple of doors down from me in Paris now. He must be the only person in Paris who drives a Hummer-you can see him coming a mile off.

His style tips? Richard Nicoll uses the C word.
"Rock it with confidence. You can wear anything, cheap or expensive, if you do it with confidence."

Stella McCartney on eco fashion."It makes me feel very reassured and proud that we've been promoting eco-awareness for a long time and people are now responding and understanding what it is we are trying to do. I'm glad people are thinking about these things and that the media is talking about it. But I do wish more designers would join us. Most fashion-company profits are based on leather handbags. It't not a particularly eco-thing and it's not very compassionate."

all quotes from various interviews from March Issue of UK ELLE.
pictures the fashion spot, leadfashion, londonfashionweek, googleimages
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Anonymous said...

I like those quotes very much

riz said...

I <3 Daphne sooooo much! She's never featured in American zines all that much. Only a small clip or two in Vogue sometimes...Oh and I like what Nicoll has to say.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've never heard of the daphne girl, she sure is stylish though!!

good tip about being brave, that's what style is!

Lana said...

Very usefull Richard!

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

I agree with Kate,
would you link me?

Suze said...

looooove the black white sunnies
want 'm!

but he thanks btw :P
and yes tygra is just the ost awesome name ive ever heard
she was a model but the agency kicked her out, but at least she had got a good name for it :P

hihihi well im going to update now±

Mónica said...

I love the fantastic Daphne report on Vogue UK, I didn't know she was married with a Khan! She has the life any girl would kill for. Despite some time ago I didn't understand her style, now I am amazed at it!

emsie said...

really nice quotes
i have the march issue of elle
i think i need to read it a bit more closely..

Suze said...

yeah i will thanks for the idea !
i'm doing a fotoshoot with her next week i quess so you''ll hear more from her

buttt yes the outfit was inspired on the one from kate moss hahah! you go girl

Michelle said...

I actually find Keira Knightly more enduring after the stylist quote, she even smiled (!) in the Elle awards picture..

Lauren said...

cute quotes - love em all! especially keira :)

Nikki said...

while keira's quote is quite honest and true, it also makes me a bit sad that looking at pictures of celebrities etc and admiring their outfits, it's not their own sense of style.

Anonymous said...

great quotes- thanks :)

Raych said...

Love the quotes; I thought the one about Karl was rather funny.

hannah said...

i think it is hilarious that karl drives a hummer. i would have never guessed. i only wish i could see him in it.

oh, thanks so much for choosing me as one of your march best reads. that is so sweet of you. i adore your blog, its an obsession.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Daphne Guinness is genius! We don't see pics of her in mags here, so these are welcome indeed.

Anonymous said...

God I love Daphne Guinness....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Daphne Guinness. And I like Keira a bit more after that honest and insightful comment.

Vancouverista said...

Daphne Guinness and Stella McCartney are amazing! Love those crazy brits.

Kool Thing said...

Ooh Daphne Guinness is such an icon! She rocks my world.